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Hi, its possible to reset the key for install on another domain? I wait for your answer

you can move your current installation to another domain. just move files and database

i’m having issues installing the api, can you please help with the installation? you are going to update the app to live tracking?

Hi, I cant make the api work correctly, when I try to do login I only get “You have signed sucessfully” But is not returning all the others values that you mention on the documentation, I already sent you an email with screenshots. Please let me know how to fix this.

Regards Gonzalo

Hi, this is not working, i’m trying to register as a user with the api and its not working, only worked for the register as a driver, how i can solve this? I wait for your answer

okay, replied to your email

add live tracking ?

yes, that’s already added in the new version, we shall be releasing the new version in the coming week

Hello, just purchased this product and installed on localhost successfully. However when I tried to install it on my shared hosting server with the same steps as on the local, on the destination url I get to see the list of the files available but when I click on the public folder I get a blank page. Any idea what should be the problem?

OK, I will talk to my hosting provider and try to solve it that way. I will get back if I have any other issue with the installation after have upgraded my account to a version with PHP 7.2. Thank you again. Regards.

I have one more question, how can I change the name of certain cells? Is there an admin interface where the names can be changed or should we find the specific translation files somewhere in the root of the script?

there are translation files inside resources/langs/your_lang

I found them, thank you. I just had a look on the Change logs and found out that there was removed the parts inventory and technicians. I also see that on the work orders there was cells for person in charge, labor cost and other useful info that are missing in this latest version. Is there any chance to obtain an earlier version of this script, which contains the removed elements? I am thinking on version 2.0 or later but before those functions were removed?

we will be adding those features again in future versions but it will take some time. we are trying to improvise it. we are currently concentrating on mobile apps.

How can I change the fuel calculation to show and calculate liter/100km instead of KMPG?

there are lots of changes that needs to be done. either you have to figure it out yourself or you can hire someone from our team to do it for you.

I just purchased a script that has no basic settings, like to be used in metric measurements. In the new fuel registering interface there is Gallon/liter presented and no setting to use metric measurements. I don’t think that for this I should hire your team. Basically you delivered an incomplete script.

We simply don’t have that measurement or settings for it yet, as it’s not been requested or came to light before. and we have other improvements as priority now. We might add that in future update as well. but if you want it now, it has to be customized for you. I hope you can understand.

Hello, i have send a email if you can help me with install

sorry, we didn’t receive your email.. can you please contact us on skype or send us message from product page.


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Good as I can change the graphics to Spanish, January to January, etc., etc.


Donroid Purchased

Do not help me so much;) Punctually as it changes, or what is the php file to change or translate the texts of the graphics. I need more explanation please


Donroid Purchased

It is the file home.blade.php for which you want to modify the names of the months there

You will need developer skills to change charts for showing it for your specific period or time, Please send us your mail at for further support.

hi sir, can i add routes? Like courier services have? And also, i would like to make some changes so it can do some things my client wants, but i want to know, the mobile api you developed, i can connect to the app as a driver, and as a driver can i see all the data about my vehicle, damages done to my vehicle, expenses and incomes.

Hi guys, I purchased your product and would need some customization. How can we get in direct contact to discuss about those?

I mean i want to hire your team to customize the script for my needs

yes you can hire us. you can send us an email from product page.


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Hello inquiry when creating a new booking I throw the following error:

Swift_TransportException Expected response code 220 but got code

In the documentation leaves the instructions to modify the mail.php

return array( “driver” => “smtp”, “host” => “”, “port” => 993, “from” => array( “address” => “”, “name” => “Company”, ), “username” => “”, “password” => “xxxxxxxx”, “sendmail” => ”/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs”, “pretend” => false, );

How can I be failing thanks!!

Guys, here is the product page and there is no option or email address where from write to you about the product customization. Could you please point me directly where from I can contact you directly?

Hi there, i bought your script, its pretty awesome, but i found a bug that i need resolved, i did not make any changes to it, the bug i found is that when adding a new booking, after selecting a date for pick up or for drop off the vehicle changes automatically to the first one and the vans driver in the driver field, but the problem is when i select my option, my desired vehicle the driver field doesn’t get updated and it’s a pretty big deal for me because my client will have hundreds of vans and the driver name must be selected automatically. If i don’t select the dates, whenever i change the vehicle the driver is changed automatically, only after using the date/time field i get this problem. Please help me resolve this as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the script is great, well written and the mobile api is a very big plus. Thank you.

Thanks for purchasing the script. The driver/vehicle changes on date change because we are showing only available vehicle/drivers for the date period. If you don’t want it to check for availability, we can simply remove that. Please send me email on about it.

Hey there, i sent you an email, so we can talk more there. Thank you.

I am interested in this. But first I need to know if you can assign a driver to a vehicle when a booking comes in?
I saw mention of Vehicle Tracking. Has this been implemented yet?
Thank you.

right now there is no option to assign a driver to vehicle during booking entry and yes vehicle tracking has been implemented.. we’ll post update this week

can it be installed on localserver ..i mean offline?

perfect..will i get an assistance in installing offline mode?

can you send me Ms Word file or PDF of all the features in your system to my email..i want to put on proposal here

yes, if you run into trouble while installing you can send us email from our profile with problem and purchase key. All the features are already listed on the product page.

Hello sir i purchased recent after download i install and configure script but its different from your demo because if i am booking any vehicle its take time and after error Gateway timeout and entry add its not good and some bugs inside i think its old version i need new version as in your demo kindly help me thanks

it looks like your server related problem but we’re happy to look into it if you send us url of installation and login details in email.

thanks for reply i configure email setting and now gateway timeout resolved. 1. when user book any vehicle system send email notification for super admin and accept and not accept is possible ? 2. i want to add some input field in customer form please guide how i can do that please guide me thanks

please contact us using support form


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Where can I see the change log? What’s different with this version?

if you can scroll down on product page you will see change log


Donroid Purchased

install the update of the files and I do not have the key for the demo in the database I have but I need the password to see the changes, in the database are encrypted. Do you have a username and password to see the latest update?


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I already found a solution for this, thanks guys


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Change Log 3.0.1: 8=> Drivers Maps Module for tracking. As active, there is some explanation of how this module works. Thanks guys

it only works with our android app.

Hi There, Where are the installation instructions, I couldn’t find them in the files.

Thank you for taking care of the issue, Where can I find the Driver APP? Is there one ?

Is there an IOS app?

not yet..