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mafhh14 Purchased

Hi, will this work on subdomain?

yes it will

I am planning to buy, but few question in my mind as… can I generate custom report for 2 or 5 months, also is there any option to import export report in .xls or PDF, also driver wise report or client wise report, and any specific format to bulk import/export vehicles details, because if client have 200 vehicle he might not interested to add details manually. Will you please add CRM, Accounts User, and Manager, role specific profile because i can not distinguish user access field here. Thanks. Overall very good product.

I need to deliver the product by next week, can I expect future update

there is permission module in next version and if you want to include crm you will have to customise it.

a) If I want to publish a form for my clients to reserve from my website using “fleet manager” what solutions do you offer?

b) I have seen that the “drivers” have their panel to see their bookings, but they can not see the address where they should go. How can drivers see the locations they should go to?

c) Comment: When making a new booking, in pickup and dropoff address could be implemented locations by dragging a pointer in google maps and the driver can see this map and use the benefits of google maps ?.

d) Do you have the app version already available?

e) If I want some personalization could I have them for an extra cost?

Please, Thanks. Have a good day.

a) we have api for bookings. you can book using api from your website or app. b) Right now they get address in email but good point we should show it on their dashboard. c) that’s not always accurate d) yes.. it’s almost ready.. it’s under testing stage e) yes

thanks for update… can’t wait for app version… suggest the app mobile can upload image for vehicle photo

We are unable to finish the installation as the DB file is missing . Please guide us on the process .

contacted you on email

Hello, do you have availability calender per vehicle ? Also do you have invoices per booking to print? Thanks a lot.

1) good idea for calendar per vehicle => we’ll consider it in next update 2) that’s how it is right now.

Hello, if a create an order in the backend or can i send to the driver ? mobile app ? email sms ?

driver gets an email

Hi, I’m looking to purchase this product – Just wanted to confirm the Laravel version this is built using? And will I get the complete source files so I can make any customizations I need to?

yes you get complete source files… Laravel version used is 5.6

Hello Demo is down, can you give an acces to try it ?



Check again, it is working.

Is there a documentation for this script? Kindly share as it’s not among the zip download files received upon purchase

Hi hyvikk, great plugin and I will purchase it for sure, I have a question, can i update it a little bit so I can populate some information from an external database? I think the best way to do that is a webservice, right? Also, I will like to know if this support CSV upload to insert existing records? we have already a system we want to change and start using this, but we would need to migrate all our base of vehicles into this new system, you think it is possible?

yes it’s possible.. once you purchase it we’ll migrate your data into current system for small amount of money.

Thank you hyvikk, great to know! I will purchase the system today.

this software can be installed only with maria db?

nope. mysql will work also.

Hi, good work. Thought of purchasing the system. couldn’t able to login the system in mobile. Is this responsive application? please check and let me know. I would like to purchase this today….thank you

hello there, We just checked demo and we were able to login. with username: and password: password

Hi, i have purchased your system. Please guide me to install the system in my server, as Iam not finding any database files in the downloads. Awaiting for your reply asap….thank you

you can send us an email from our codecanyon profile page

can’t we able to run in 5.6 version?

sent mail, please check

sent mail, please check

hey great work guy, have you any tutorials to how integrate the api in a website or an app? i dont have idea how to start.. need some help.

there is api documentation in docs. you can read that

What is the token of the api?

token is random string that is generated while user registration

without api token you can not retrieve data from api

Hi, can a user register and submit his own transport ?

only admin can add users, if you want to allow to register, you can use the api we provide with the fleet manager.

I’m trying to add a user with the api and I cant, I recieve the message: {success to Register. Please, check the Details OR Try again Later”,data“} I need help this is not working

hey i am try to install but its give error like This page isn’t working 500 error

please send us support email at, also check the php version


Donroid Purchased

Hi, I bought the files and when I downloaded them I noticed that the mysql database was not there, I sent you an email through your profile. please I need the BD to complete the installation

sir, please send us your server details along with purchase key and we’ll install it for you.


Donroid Purchased

I solved it, first I had 775 permissions problem with the folders and second that the url or folder to install it is “installation” and not “installer” we will see what happens now with the installation, thanks anyway

awesome.. don’t forget to rate us.