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demo is not working

ERROR TEXT ->>>”Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Sir, I just checked. demo is working fine.

Will the admin be notified when insurance or warranty expires?

yes.. you can see notifications in notification area

Hello, pre-sales question. Can multiple companies use this and see ONLY information that pertains to them ?? Thank You.

I tried to login and I get – Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

try again. may be demo was being reset while you tried to login. it should be working now.

the customization for multiple companies on one setup is done… drop us an email if you need more information about it

Common man! If you want to sell this script, fix login! Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

hello sir, demo version is reset every hour. you must have tried in mean time. it’s working now.

hi, pre-sale question…

Can I get databse file completely in the download package?

there are migration files which creates database. there is no sql file.

do you have Android / ioS app ? or when you plan to develop

android app has been developed. it’s under testing environment right now. we are planning to launch it in 2 weeks

android app has been developed. it’s under testing environment right now. we are planning to launch it in 2 weeks

yes sure… i am waiting

Is there nay chance to buy this project in codegnator framework

nope… codeigniter is out dated framework.

What is the user name and password , admin user name and password is there but user ,user name and password is not there

you can just create a new user from admin and login with that credentials

how can we make payment to the vendor

add vendor as expense category, when you add expense select that category

Can you track how much the booking price was and the payment that made to the booking? I’m having a rental company and the price is different on season

And alse, the service in vehicle (e.g. change oil) where we can get the report, I only found the sparepart used

1) when you complete the booking you will see button to record a payment. unless you see that payment button trip has not been paid.

2) in next version you will see those reports.. it’s coming soon.

Ok, i’m going to purchase now, I hope you can provide those report soon


the user n pass demo login cant work…pls check

sry,. i am wrong…

We purchased the application and now its throwing error while installing. Here is the copy of the error displaying. no installation is even executing. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’?’ in /home/caworksi/public_html/ca_2018_fleet_v1/fleet-2.0.1/files/vendor/laravel/framework/src/Illuminate/Foundation/helpers.php on line 233

you need php version 7.2

Im currently installing this and its saying Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

send us your hosting details. we’ll install it for you.

Can run with PHP 5.6 ver ?

no sir. we are using laravel framework version 5.6 which requires php 7.2

okay… android app are ready ?when you plan to lunch…

2 weeks

i have installed the script to amazon elastics beans and getting the permission error when i go to the url ? please help i have emailed you as well

Can you email us the access details so that we can debug and install it for you.

what access details you want ?? also please tell me how to install in properly i have uploaded the zip file to and deployed the environment and it says permission error.

Hello, I would like to buy but need to know 1. Is the online live demo up to date? 2. How many roles are there? 3. Can I assign items to users so that depending on their roles they see only what is relevant to them? 4. Can I print invoice/Receipt for every booking?

1) yes 2) 4 (Master User, Employee User, Driver, Customer 3) YES

Great! But the online demo does not show the other roles, would you create all the dummy roles so we can see the different roles. especially employee. Then Can you customize for it to be able to print the invoices?

there are 4 types of users, by default there is super admin login details. which is, you can create users, drivers, customers. after that you can login with their details.

Hi author I noticed you mentioned regarding customization for multiple companies on one setup in one of your user’s comments. It is what you means is something work like SAAS ? How much I can get this version?

yes, can you please send me an email at

Done. Looking forward to your reply.

Please tell me how to update the program so that the existing data does not disappear.

Suddenly, when entering the calendar today there was such a mistake. In other sections I enter normally. There is a error_log

make(Illuminate\Contracts\Http\Kernel::class); $response = $kernel->handle( $request = Illuminate\Http\Request::capture() ); $response->send(); $kernel->terminate($request, $response);

we are working on making migration script so that old data can be moved to new version

And the question by mistake?

what is the fee for customization

it depends on changes

can we make changes or is the code obfuscated?

If you are familiar with laravel, you can do it or Let us handle it so you can get support from us.

Hi there, a Pre sale question… will this work on a multi-company set up? I am thinking of offering a fleet web/mobile app service through this script… if web only, will the web version be a responsive web? And is there some kind of in app/email or sms notifications? Thanks!

lets talk on skype. my id is “hyvikksolutions”