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Is it possible to add a booking for the car but without a driver? (For Car Rental company)

yes we can do that customisation after you purchase the script. add me on skype after you purchase the script.

can you please change the language to english,SO i can purchase ..

it’s in english language already

Hi HyVikk,I want to purchase your application but need few customisation which fits to my requirement.Please advice will you able do it and customisation comes with $50 (all inclusive) with purchase or how does it work. I sent you an email to your support email address,please revert.

customisation will cost extra. you can contact us by skype or email. you can find info on fleet manager product page

hi, I just purchase the software and I am testing but I am fiding some errors, how do I get support

didn’t receive it yet. can you email us your skype id?

what is your email? I cant find it in the documents my skype id is

added you

can’t see demo … i have this error: ErrorException (E_ERROR) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’’days’’ (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ‘]’ (View: /home/hyvikk/fleet/resources/views/home.blade.php) COPY

fixed it



Kindly note that i’m interested to purchase your application, can you please add a field called fuel coupon in order to fill the car with a coupon purchased a petrol company to be a unique field with validation to be saved in the database too.

Please validate that screen it seems that there is some errors in it, in other fields. Thanks, Best Regards,

Hello, We’ve solved errors. and yes we can add coupon field for you. contact us after you purchase the item

can’t login in demo

It’s fixed, we’ve reset the login details, you can check again… thanks for letting us know.

please what is the username for admin and user

user: pass: password

is this laravel

i can not use this can you issue a refund

you can put refund request with envato

can’t see demo … i have this error: ErrorException (E_ERROR) Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’’days’’ (T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING), expecting ‘]’ (View: /home/hyvikk/fleet/resources/views/home.blade.php) COPY

we’ve reset the demo.. check again

Admin credintals are not working can you share them?


user: pass: password

hello, login and pass not working on demo, please fix

user: pass: password

The demo is not working

we’ve reset the demo.. check again.

hyvikk Love the app you have built but any way of making specific vehicles colored, in the list view?

maybe some conditional logic :)

thanks.. we’ll consider it.

hi, is possible to add a new language ?

not yet but we’ve add that feature in next version already, it’ll be release soon.

ok thanks

Hello, can I install on more than one domain with the same key?

no you can’t

Hello. What files or folders should I upload to the hosting? In your documentation is not clear. Thank you

Please I need some instructions to proceed with date format to all date fields to dd/mm/yyyy (load and save to mysql)

need to do modification php side. if you change format on save it might break the reports module because it depends on date.

I need only display date in format dd/mm/yyyy. I won’t save in this format because mysql don’t accept

you can hire us or another php developer to do this modification. PM us.

Hello, I have the intention of buying, but I will need to make several customizations. I have a programmer here and would like to know if the code is open and clean .. and if he can do it without many difficulties. Do you have any documentation about the code? Thank you

Hello, This app is built on Laravel Framework. Which requires almost no documentation for code. you can find it on their website. FYI if you do any modification on your own then there will be no support from us.

your login is not working. So, I am unable to see the demo.

we’ve reset the demo.. please check again

dear mate,

demo is not working with your given user id and password, kindly look in to that.

please check again… we’ve reset the demo.