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I tried the demo, it is a bit similar to what I am looking for, the pickup suppose to be is a dropdown of all possible cites and states, and also destination, but the online demo has error when I try to save

after you purchase script we can do modification based on your requirements.

hi there

there is not installer in the folder and also please how to install the script

there is error on “Manage Bookings” – SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘from_date’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: select distinct year(from_date) as years from bookings where deleted_at is null order by years desc)

fixed it in latest version

I want to be like eBay or Amazon for Transporters in my City. please get back to me ASAP regarding this possibility

how can we help?

hey man! I’m trying to access the demo, but the demo login: and admin aren’t working. How can i access the demo? I’m clicking in live preview!


fixed it.. check again

add insurance , technique controle

my regards my friend !

thank you so much

New updates is ready to purchase now. Check out the demo. Thanks.


I try to install the Fleet Manager with the updates I receive on 9/8/2017 but I could not update it because it says my Purchase Code is already use?????

1) error is because there is mail configuration missing. 2) we’ve fixed the 2nd issue in our next update. soon we are going to publish it.

Thank you so much!!

When is the next update? Is it possible to add a row for Vehicle Number and Notes in Add New Vehicle?

Also in Transactions is it possible to create a Purchase Order for buying vehicle parts and services?

next update will be released next week. we will consider your thoughts for future updates.

I’m waiting for new update to buy this script, will you release new version next week? Thanks.

We’ve released the new update. You can try the demo.

Nice work, I purchased it now thanks for letting me know. Hope you’ll keep updating this nice product.

yes next version is already under development. a lot of new features are coming

Also, can we add files to vehicles? Like recent photos, insurance scan, registry scans… And one other thing i cant see drivers of vehicles even i assigned driver to vehicle on your demo.

yes you can attach files to vehicles like photo(single), insurance scan

Cant see it on your demo

it’s in next version. wait for 7 days

Hello , good work :), really i m interested to buy your product ,but i was some menu not clear like parts what you mean by parts and what is the role,also acquisition Categories, and many other field , i wait your response :)

i read the documentation but i still don’t understand what you mean by Manage parts and what is relation between Parts and vehicles also the déférence between acquisition categories and expense categories , thanks :)

acquisition= expenses you do when you purchase or acquire vehicle. (eg. paper work charges, import charges, color, etc..)

parts = parts are for inventory. if you keep stock of parts for your vehicles and you want to manage it and know when you installed part inside vehicle, this module will help you track it.

expense categories= this modules is attached to expense transaction for each vehicle. you can always create new expense categories as per your needs

We’ve simplified the things in new update. Check out the demo. Thanks.

Demo doesn’t seem to work. I’m looking for a fleet maintenance loging and tracking script. As a fleet owner i can say many of us use custom booking softwares but there is no simple fleet maintenance tracking script for oil changes, periodic maintenance and taking notes etc. You might add those features or even create a new maintenance script without bookings and income. Real maintenance tracking system would be widely accepted.

we are currently updating system and will fix demo with new version soon.

I reinstalled but i got error “Purchase key is already used” ...

pm your purchase key

hyvikk, the installation prompt finally working but my key is not. It’s says already use :(. Will you please help me? Thank you!!!

no addition just fixed some bugs and improved security

why can’t i assigned drivers anymore to my vehicle? Can we have a Vehicle History instead of just Parts History?

what would be included in vehicle history?

Would be nice if the calendar would be able to sinc to iPhone calendar or android

good idea, we’ll consider it in next version

I have many good ideas for you if you need ;)

the notification is not working this the thing that i have not buy yet

you get notification only on 4 days before expiration of licences and insurance.

Hi great product Really interested in the booking system – it is possible to get the booking confirmation sent via text message to the driver of the truck

Also is it possible to integrate gps tracking into the system

yes.. that’s possible. you can you PM me and we’ll discuss more

just sent you an email

Is there an english version to demo? Thank you.

check again.

Will you be adding permissions for the users? I want to implement this in my office but my office staff (who are not drivers) can’t all have admin access

Can you also send me your skype ID so you can help me with installation

skype: hyvikksolutions

I have messaged you on skype

hi, I added a vehicle and gave an expiration date for the insurance. How do I get notified of the deadline? with an email? I tried to get into notifications -> renew insurance but do not show me anything …. the car is the toyota celica in the demo

you will receive email of notification before 4 days of expiry. emails are disabled on our demo version. we are also working to improve our notification module in our next version.

Hello, we can translate the program to a different language. ? You can also update it by requesting different features in the program.

yes we can translate the program to different language. we will do customisation after you purchase the script