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Showing HTTP 500 error

Thank you for pointing out, We are fixing it, It should be live soon.

it’s live now. Thanks again.

Interesting Work! Congratulations :)

Thank you for the appreciation :)

I’m getting HTTP ERROR 500 :)

It’s fixed now. Please check it again.

very nice work, big sales to you :)

Thank you, That’s the plan :)

I am trying to installed it and it showings this following errors:

Please fix the below error and the click Check Permission Again Storage/app/775 Storage/framework/775 Storage/logs/775 Bootstrap/cache/775 Check Permission Again

if you are using linux or vps please check link below:

if you are using cpanel please check link below:

you can also change folder permission using filezilla ftp client:

please let me know if you still have problems with file permissions.

Hello, Would you please do customize for me, if yes i will purchase


please contact me:

Can anyone here show/tell me how to install this script?

you can find it in documentation. it’s very easy to install and if you still can’t install it let me know.. i’ll do it for you.

Hello, is there a live tracking app going with it ?? in other word can i track my vehicules and see history of where they went when.. also the milage done by the driver.. please let me know, if yes i will buy it, thanks

no we have not added tracking yet. and mileage will be added by office administrator/staff. driver can only update his/her details like profile.

will you be adding a calendar system? So that for a person with a large number of vehicles (like a tour operator), can set when they are booked and know which vehicle has been used and which hasn’t or which vehicle is available to be used if they select a date on the calendar.

From a coding perspective, it’s not a large amount of coding required to add this segment. Will you be adding such feature? It will definitely increase your sales

We have added booking module. you can check it out

I can’t seem to be able to login. Everytime I try to login it gives me ; “TokenMismatchException” error

it seems working fine sir..

Hello Hyvikk, would you consider adding email system where a driver of a vehicle would be notify the booking details by email or sms where there is a booking to his car/vehicle?

customer should also be notified about the details of the driver and car booked for his journey/trip

We are working on it. you will get an update in next few days.

We have just published an update. you will receive notification once it’s approved. We have added mail notification for both driver and customers.

How do we know which driver has picked up the vehicle and which driver has delivered it. Forexample driver1 could have picked up the vehicle, the vehicle is delivered next day by driver2?

Also how does the driver record the condition of the vehicle – ideally there needs to be a flat layout of the vehicle and the driver/inspector marks on it the dents/ scrates/ damage etc.

Just a few points to consider?

Office Supervisor (User in system) can check which vehicle has been assigned to driver so when they deliver they’ll know. driver doesn’t record any condition of the vehicle. all these jobs are done by use (office administrator)

Hello am getting HTTP 500 error using linux vps.

checked it.. it seems you haven’t install mbstring extension of php

demo is error. please fix it

it’s fixed. sorry it was language file error

whats the user and password for demo?

user: pass: admin

Have you developed any mobile app or are you planning to? I want to have both web app and android app for my project.

no we don’t have it yet, but we are looking to add more features into it from customer feedback… We’ll surely consider having an app for it. We’ll notify you when we have some news about it for you.

Problem with instalation after reinstalation get Key Error “Purchase key is already used” The installation is on som domen

okay you can install it one more time. we’ve added validation in installation so that one person can’t use same purchase key more than 1 time

When are you going to add live tracking? it will really help your sales. I will buy if you do that.

yes we are working on the app already.. estimated 4 weeks.

Good. I will surely buy when that becomes available.

Is this something like this I am looking for a feature where the end user can select an address anywhere in the world as Origin, then select an address anywhere and set it as the destination and the distance in miles or km will be computed and plotted on Google map the shortest possible distance. I hope you can integrate it on your project