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I have a page with hydraulic components, about 10 or so. The user can click one or more components and change standard size, based on options in a div created specifically for each component.

I have create divs and css to all components, each with a unique ID.

Can this Popup Dialog show specific divs? Something like this:

<a href="#" id="Modal1">Change item 1</a> <a href="#" id="Modal2">Change item 2</a> <a href="#" id="Modal3">Change item 3</a> .

jQuery then open a div matching the ID value…. or something like that. Hope you understand :)

I just need a simple popup of a hyperlinked image to appear when the page loads. How do I do this?

I have loaded all of the files and inserted the references in my header but none of the code snippets work. PLEASE HELP I AM ON A DEADLINE.

Does anyone answer comments here, it’s been over 23 hours and the guy above has been 3 days?

I’m a little concerned because there are comments on here that have not been answered in 5 months, but i made the purchase and hope i can figure this out!

Currently i have a site with PHP and Jquery that grabs the variables from the form and shoots them through the PHP. I added the flavr form to the site now, but have no idea how to get the two necessary variables out of the $form element in order to then run them through my previous script and php function. Assistance please!

Hi Dierg, beautfiul script! Purchased it last week and have the demo page set up and running.

I would like to use the Simple Alert on my page but have it open automatically on page load. I’m inexperienced with javascript but am learning. Could you explain how to do this?

thank you Nate

Hi i tried using the magnific pop up in my website 2-3 times but couldnot do it. I want to put the popup in login content, like if someone tries to log in and if the username or password is wrong, it should popup error message. I want onclick event to work but could not make it happen…. Could you please guide me?? I tried to follow the steps, didnt helped me

Well done!

How can We validate Form fields using Flavr ! . We using .net MVC How can we pass url path on submit?

Thank you.

is there any example that displays a window notification queue ? (need to show 4-5 notification one by one. when one closed. next should be shown up.) or similar to a wizard system ?


Hi i would like to change the background color of flavr-outer, depending of the page or of the clicked button, is there a js function to do it, or a function to had a class to this container ? thanks

I used this solution , maybe you’ve got better : $( ’.flavr-outer’ ).addClass( “bgcouleur_a” )

I need to buy your item, but with a bit customization: – the popup should has a registration fields and button – the popup show an image or video (able to show the both) – the popup is full of screen with X sign to close

what does it cost ?

Hi there,

Sorry if I am asking a question that’s been answered already, but will the pop up set a cookie so it doesn’t show again once the user has clicked on “close”?

Please let me know, Thanks

hello can you help me how to install it on wordpress? my client bought this plugin and want to use it on wordpress. please help thanks

Hello Dierg!

Very nice plug-in.

I have seen that you have not replied people here since last 7 months.

Do you reply them personally instead of here or you have stopped supporting this product?

If you have continued supporting this product then I have quick questions before buying it:

1) I have purchased the Portfolio Theme from Codecanyon itself.

I want to apply your Flavr Popups to this Slider with button on each slide with different animations and pop-up messeges.

It that possible?

2) Is that possible to have this pop-ups by clicking on the image or on some instead of buttons.

3) Can we see fullscreen video of Youtube (i-frame) in Flavr Popup when someone click on the thumnail Image corresponding to that video?

4) Lastly, how much time you take in responding? Our project is weekly-based. Do you manage to reply customer’s query in 2-3 days or even sooner is better?

In Advance, Thank you very much for your kind interest in answering my questions.



No answers – No purchase. Its that simple :-)

Hello, I created a form with ajax and I just want to close the popup after 2 seconds without redirect. Please tell me how.

success: function(data) {
    if (data == 0) {
        // user has successfully logged in
        output = 'Vous êtes maintenant connecté';
        //display success message with no form or buttons
        $('.flavr-button').css('display', 'none');
        var delay = 2000;
        setTimeout(function() {
            this.close //??????
        }, delay);

    } else {

no answer ?

I have sent this as an email but I have not had a reply. i have just bought this but am a bit confused how to use it.

Lets say I have this code:


new $.flavr(‘Hello world!’, ‘Hello world example’);


My problem is that this seems to launch when the page loads whereas I want it as an onclick.

Any chance of a reply?

Hi on iPhone 5 when I click on the “demo” the lightbox appears but it does not display on screen. The light box appears way at the top so user has to scroll to view it. Is this something that can be controlled in the settings so it doesn’t happen if I purchase? Here is a link to the way it appears.

Hi sir, I have a question. How do i put text in popup below buttons. Also in the confirm alert box, I want to change confirm button text to delete. how to do this. thanks

just leaving a positive comment. Up until now i can’t find any erros on this plugin. And it’s really easy to use. Also this plugin have a powerful API. And up until now i don’t need a support because the documentation is really well documented. :)


How can I do to work the input validation when I use flavr button ?

Thanks for your response Chris


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