Flatpanel Backend Framework

Flatpanel Backend Framework

flatpanel is an easy to use backend framework for all your Wordpress needs, from making control panels to run your own php code without disturb WP.


This framework really implements server side validation for every element, by using callbacks.

Watch video demo

Main Features:

  • Ultra Fast deploy
  • Run your own php code/script on backend!
  • multi instance, you can use in multiple plugins
  • Build your own script without disturbing WP system
  • Replace dashboard
  • Dinamically adds elements or pages.
  • Add your own javascript and/or CSS files.
  • Easy to load Wordpress bundled JS or CSS
  • callbacks for every element, validate or run actions in backend!
  • hooks for actions or filters, really connects your plugin!
  • Works with plugins and themes
  • Use as plugin or standalone.
  • Custom templates for every page
  • Easy to made templates!
  • AJAX backend validation
  • read/write functions to use with your plugin or theme.
  • debug mode
  • Example with control panel and dashboard replacement
  • OOP code for easy management

What you get out of the box:

  • flatpanel framework
  • Full documentation
  • Support
  • Requirements:

    • Wordpress 3.5x
    • php 5.3.x


    Have new ideas?

    If you have some ideas, reqs or want a new feature use the comments tab or send us an email through profile page.