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When I put <! – InstanceBeginEditable name = ”_ Menu” ->in the area you intend to edit the index.html file or other file on dreamweaver , can no longer necklace <! – InstanceEndEditable -> not replace or delete anything. You can change < – InstanceBeginEditable name = ”_ Menu” – > by <! – InicioAreaEditavel name = ”_ Menu” -> and <! – InstanceEndEditable – > by <! – FimAreaEditavel -> Is it urgent Thanks

no. use it like this <! – AreaBeginavel name = ”_ Menu” -> and <! – AreaEndavel -> and make sure you added these to the config.php

Ceasar Can you send me a new config, a correct config, because i don´t work with php and I work with dreamweaver Thanks

Open config.php in notepad

Then find
define('EDITABLE_REGION_TAGS_START','<!-- TemplateBeginEditable name="%s" -->,<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="%s" -->');
define('EDITABLE_REGION_TAGS_END','<!-- TemplateEndEditable -->,<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->');
change to
define('EDITABLE_REGION_TAGS_START','<!-- InicioBeginEditable name="%s" -->,<!-- InstanceBeginEditable name="%s" -->');
define('EDITABLE_REGION_TAGS_END','<!-- InicioEndEditable -->,<!-- InstanceEndEditable -->');
Now use
<!-- InicioBeginEditable name="_menu" --> and <!-- InicioEndEditable -->
as regions

jgopal Purchased


I have recently purchased the flatcms package. But i am having issues using it on a windows machine running xampp. I have updated all my html pages with the required tags but i get the following error when i sign in to the index.php.

There are no files found with the tags <!- TemplateBeginEditable name=”%s” -> or <!- InstanceBeginEditable name=”%s” ->.

Can you please help or direct me toward a cause of this so i can check.

Kind Regards,


Like stated on the item details tab – I will NOT give support to free hosting services or a local host setup since I cannot solve then any path problems if they occur. -

Did you use the demo ? If not sent me your index.php else upload all files to a server and install again


jgopal Purchased

Ok. I will upload the site to a server and see how it goes. thanks


Frank-B Purchased

hallo, als ik het goed heb is dit CMS de opvolger van het vroegere MiniCMS? Ik heb MiniCMS vroeger regelmatig gebruikt voor kleine projecten en was er tevreden over.

Is installatie, configuratie, enz nog steeds gelijkaardig en gebruik vergelijkbaar? Wordt FlatCMS verder ontwikkeld en ondersteund in de toekomst? Alvast bedankt.

Yes, it has been called minicms before, still same installation, license key is gone, new look and better wysiwyg. This cms will be maintained in the future


Can I do so? http://i9.pixs.ru/storage/2/3/4/2016122511_5397552_24549234.jpg (hover element > edit > redirect admin)

Sorry, no

Can I do so?

div style=”background: url(<!- InstanceBeginEditable name=”Background” ->../images/pic01.jpg);<!- InstanceEndEditable ->”> /div

Sorry, also not possible

Hey there, is there a solution for buying a version which I can customize (name, logo, remove copyright) and use it for all my clients?

Best Regards Christian

Not through me. However you can contact the envato support team and ask there for a special price


Frank-B Purchased

hi, 2 questions: can the CMS be integrated as whitelabel, with own logo etc? And is it PHP 7.0 proof, has this been tested already? thx

Sorry not possible with the current license model on envato


Frank-B Purchased

hi Caesar, I contacted Envato concerning the exact license model.

Question was if I could buy a license for use in one customer project, and remove the name and logo that are visible in the browser, respecting further copyright in code etc. (and using the license in one project only)

They answered this is generally fine, but the author decides. Could you please confirm? Thanks.

Then I agree also :-)

Hi Ceasar. I’m trying to install flatcms via mamp to sandbox a new website. When I go to: http://localhost:8888/home/admin/index.php I get a “not found on this server” message.

May I please ask your help on how I can sandbox properly on mamp. (happy to provide my support purchase code on another channel) Thanks.


Like described on the item details tab, I will NOT give support to free hosting services or a local host setup since I cannot solve then any path problems if they occur.

So how do you suggest to sandbox website builds with FlatCMS. Has this been put to consideration at all?

Flatcms doesn’t need a sandbox. Just prepare your html files and upload it to your server. Then at last install flatcms.

At home I installed flatcms to my production server on windows. You only need apache. So it works locally.

Before I buy (looks good so far) I just want to be 100% certain that a page such as http://petawawapsb.ca/aboutUs.php can be easily modified to work within your CMS

If I’m reading this correctly, all I’d need to do is wrap editable areas with their own ID. Is that correct, or are there other things that need to be done, or possibly conflicts?

Thanks Brian

yes, but your source code is really bad, so there could be some little problems. I cannot tell you if that will occur.


alerma Purchased

Hello! Is not working for me :(

Try https://zinkbulb.com/#/about

I can share my user credentials if you need it.

I change the text with flatcms but nothing happens.

I don’t know what your are loading with ajax, so I really need more info. By reading the source I cannot tell what’s wrong. Also I don’t know what text you changed. Else it could be a caching problem, try to empty you’re browsers cache