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Hi. Is there any possibility to change messages language using Yahoo? For example, to put them in Spanish. Regards.

No, you must use openweather for that. Yahoo only supports english.


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I am trying to implement the plug-in, and have done successfully using the custom example. But i want to be able to change the location without reloading the page.

Is it possible to the location of the weather after it has been initialised? I have tried to do this myself, but it keeps using the original location and not the new location i have set.

Thanks for any help

Hmm, not without re-initializing it no I don’t think that would be possible.

How would i re-initialize it? I am using the no render / custom example that is on the preview/demo page.

same way it is initialized, just do that again.

I cannot seem to get the openweathermap api to work, what am I doing wrong? I signed up on openweather and received an api key, but it does not seem to work in this case:

$(document).ready(function() { var example = $(”#weather-1”).flatWeatherPlugin({ location: “Elk Grove Village, IL”, //city and region required country: “Unites States”, //country *required api: “openweathermap”, //default: yahoo (openweathermap or yahoo) apikey: “*”, //api key required for openweather view : “partial”, //default: full (partial, full, simple, today or forecast) lang: “en”, //default: en only openweathermap supports translation (see below for supported languages) timeformat: “12”, //”24” or “12” default: “12” displayCityNameOnly : false, //default: false (true/false) if you want to display only city name forecast: 5, //default: 5 (0 -5) how many days you want forecast render: true, //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to generate markup loadingAnimation: true, //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to show loading animation units : “imperial”, //”metric” or “imperial” to overide units default: “auto” strings : { //strings for translation days: [‘Sunday’,’Monday’,’Tuesday’,’Wednesday’,’Thursday’,’Friday’,’Saturday’], min : “Min”, max : “Max”, direction : [“N”,”NNE”,”NE”,”ENE”,”E”,”ESE”,”SE”,”SSE”,”S”,”SSW”,”SW”,”WSW”,”W”,”WNW”,”NW”, “NNW”] }, });


Are you getting an error? What error? alternative send me a link where this is viewable and I’ll have a look.

Hello, is it possible show current user local weather via the IP can know that the user location? Thanks!

No, not with this plugin.


since OpenweatherMap wants 180$/month to provide a SSL connection, we are forced to use the yahoo API. Is there any chance to insert own language strings for a localized weather description?

Wow, that’s a terrible price just for ssl. Unfortunately yahoo doesn’t localize. You could consider proxying the request through your own ssl server.

I just sent an update in for review that adds support for a third api provider, wunderground. Its supports localization, and is https by default, however has fewer api requests in the free tier. Might want to check it out once update is live.

Thanks for adding the new API! I will check it out the next days.