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openweathermap api key – not no display any inform

Hope you figured out your error, openweathermap apikey is required for plugin to work with their service.

could someone help me please when i use the code i got this error (index):404 Uncaught ReferenceError: $ is not defined

<script type=”text/javascript”>

$(document).ready(function() { //Setup the plugin, see readme for more examples var example = $(”#example-3”).flatWeatherPlugin({ location: “Boston, MA”, //city and region *required country: “USA”, //country *required //optional: api: “openweathermap”, //default: openweathermap (openweathermap or yahoo) //apikey: “your-api-key”, //optional api key for openweather view : “partial”, //default: full (partial, full, simple, today or forecast) displayCityNameOnly : true, //default: false (true/false) if you want to display only city name forecast: 4, //default: 5 (0 -5) how many days you want forecast render: true, //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to generate markup loadingAnimation: true //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to show loading animation //units : “metric” or “imperial” default: “auto” }); }); </script>

the weather doesn’t display in my div either.

$ jquery was probably not included.

$ jquery was probably not included.

HI there, i purchased this about 4 weeks ago and was working great, it seems since 15th March Yahoo have updated there API call requirements https://developer.yahoo.com/weather/ – Can we have an update to this plugin please?? Thanks in advance…. :)


Hi, I am in the same boat as itokcornwall, I have been using this plugin for a few months now and first openweather stopped working by throwing 429 error and I switched over to Yahoo and now since the March 15th update that Yahoo made to the API the Yahoo weather api is broken as well. Would really appreciate if we can either get an update to the plugin or instructions as to how to get either openweather or yahoo weather working.


Hi we are in the same boat as signed up to openweather and yahoo and it still doesn’t display. Any reply would be greatly appreciated.

Updated. Can confirm working.


sourli Purchased

For those who use the OpenWeather option and want to get weather according to coordinates.

  1. Open “jquery.flatWeatherPlugin.js”
  2. Find parameters.q = location; ~line 104
  3. Replace it with the following
    if( this.settings.lat && this.settings.lon ){
        parameters.lat = this.settings.lat;
        parameters.lon = this.settings.lon;
    } else {
        parameters.q = location;
  4. On plugins parameters simply add
    lat: "00.000000", 
    lon: "00.000000",
    and give your desired coordinates.

Note: You can still use the plugin with location/country option if you don’t include these values in your parameters.

Cool, I added this in the latest update for openweathermap. Good suggestion.

how to convert hPa to mmHg?

Line 532 in the new version, divide/multiply the value by the appropriate conversion amount. You’ll have to look up the value in a conversion table though.


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when you remove the parameters.lang = “en”; then the Yahoo api is working well

Thanks for confirming.

i am interested to buy this plugin, does it support manual location entry and auto location according to ISP IP or Browser location ?

Thank You.

No. You must specify a location.

I tested flat weather jQuery plugin using virtualbox on CodeCanyon.net to make sure that it would works with Internet Explorer 9 in Browser, and it displays fine… so I brought the program uploaded to server and tested it again using virtualbox Internet Explorer 9… and it does not render the weather… there must be something added on the demo version site on codecanyon.net… please help me as I have tried everything I can think of.

I purchased this item last week. I love it. But I need to deploy it on a BrightSign player, which is equivalent of IE8. Yuck. So, it can’t handle JQuery 2. But JQuery 1 should work. I’m not trying to do anything fancy (just display 5 day forecast for one location). Can you get me an older version of the plugin that will work in IE8?

Sorry, IE8 not supported. Best of luck.

The api key for openweathermap is no longer optional. It didn’t work for me till I got one, for free.

Yes, openweathermap api key is now required.

I just bought and having issues. I want to confirm that the plugin still works

Yes, I also published a pending update that includes a few new features. Can confirm it still works.

Hi, will it work with jquery 1.12.4?

What I did is extracted all files, when I open readme file, I see the panels. After that I placed the jquery 1.12.4 in the js folder of the script and changed the name in the same readme file of loading jQuery. The error which I have is : TypeError: $ is not a function[Learn More] readme.html:15:3

It’s really strange. The jQuery 1.12.4 file was directly downloaded from WP install folder and did not working, but if I try it with minified version from some of the CDNs it works. So my problem should be somewhere else. Thanks

Thanks for the update. Best of luck.


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Hi, hong kong, China Weather not working. Error: no results.

Yahoo calls it city hong kong country: hong kong

Having some issues – every few times the site is loaded, the weather will not load citing an issue returning results from the yahoo api. It seems to be sporadic. Any clues as to what’s happening here?

If you can, I would recommmend switching to the openweathermap api, its more reliable then yahoo.

Is there a way to do this without using PHP? The current environment being used for this application does not allow any server side scripting (archaic, I know).

yeah, its all in the readme… set api: openweathermap, apikey: your-api-key here, visit openweathermap.org to sign up for a free api key.

US state is missing from location information that is returned back through the plugin. Many states have cities with the same name. For example Springfield is in most states. It would only show up as “Springfield”, not “Springfield, IL” for example.

If you need it to show state, changing line 292 to
 $("<h2 />").text(context.settings.location).appendTo(div); 
It will show the same input as output.

Perfect!!! Thanks for your prompt reply.

Can I add Arabic Language

Sorry, the translations come from API and they don’t support arabic.


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Hi, any plans on updating the icons to show the difference between day and night?


RobertoH Purchased

This is an important feature and very wanted by several of your buyers

I’ll see if about rolling it in with the next bug fix, no timeline though. Thanks for your request.

I would like to know what are the syntax to render wind speed and direction. It’s possible to display direction and speed without default rendering?

data.today.wind.deg : shows direction in degrees from north.

Thanks for the reply. The parameter gives me back a number, not a NSWE value

Yeah, sorry. Thats not exactly supported, but in the source you’ll find a function called format wind that kinda shows you how to convert a value to a directional value.