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Hi. Is there any possibility to change messages language using Yahoo? For example, to put them in Spanish. Regards.

No, you must use openweather for that. Yahoo only supports english.


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I am trying to implement the plug-in, and have done successfully using the custom example. But i want to be able to change the location without reloading the page.

Is it possible to the location of the weather after it has been initialised? I have tried to do this myself, but it keeps using the original location and not the new location i have set.

Thanks for any help

I cannot seem to get the openweathermap api to work, what am I doing wrong? I signed up on openweather and received an api key, but it does not seem to work in this case:

$(document).ready(function() { var example = $(”#weather-1”).flatWeatherPlugin({ location: “Elk Grove Village, IL”, //city and region required country: “Unites States”, //country *required api: “openweathermap”, //default: yahoo (openweathermap or yahoo) apikey: “*”, //api key required for openweather view : “partial”, //default: full (partial, full, simple, today or forecast) lang: “en”, //default: en only openweathermap supports translation (see below for supported languages) timeformat: “12”, //”24” or “12” default: “12” displayCityNameOnly : false, //default: false (true/false) if you want to display only city name forecast: 5, //default: 5 (0 -5) how many days you want forecast render: true, //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to generate markup loadingAnimation: true, //default: true (true/false) if you want plugin to show loading animation units : “imperial”, //”metric” or “imperial” to overide units default: “auto” strings : { //strings for translation days: [‘Sunday’,’Monday’,’Tuesday’,’Wednesday’,’Thursday’,’Friday’,’Saturday’], min : “Min”, max : “Max”, direction : [“N”,”NNE”,”NE”,”ENE”,”E”,”ESE”,”SE”,”SSE”,”S”,”SSW”,”SW”,”WSW”,”W”,”WNW”,”NW”, “NNW”] }, });