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Looks pretty nice!

Thanks RachidLaasri.

How would you edit the icons that are displayed?

Font Awesome icons are used here.
Font Awesome icon reference- http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/cheatsheet
If you want to use a glass icon, just do like below:
<i class="icon-glass"></i>
For a home icon – <i class="icon-home"></i> and so on…

Hi, is the design of the navigation bar easily customizable? I am looking for something that offers dropdowns that contain photos, but my navigation bar has a much different appearance than this one. Thanks!

It’s fully customizable.
You can change the look just by editing css. You’ll open the flatnav.css, scroll down it and change style as you need.
If you become failed somewhere, just contact with me. Thanks.

Is there option to NOT animate the menu text and icons? Ready to buy…

Yes, of course.

Hi, Can you give me tip where i can change the hover effect for the “shop” links…. Apple, Windows App etc… they have a border on the top and bottom and i like to have the hover effect on the whole “box”

by the way very nice navihation menue !

Open flatnav.css. find the label div.flat-nav ul.column-based>li . There you’ll see the line padding : 5px 0;. Remove it or set it to padding : 0;.
Hope this will help. If you face any problem further, feel free to contact me directly.
Thanks for your comment.

Hi, this plugin can be used in wordpress? I get error in your installation

This plugin is not for wp. It’s for normal html sites. Here’s a different category for wordpress plugins on codecanyon. Thanks.

i would like buy this menu my question is

i have this theme http://themeforest.net/item/techdesk-responsive-knowledge-basefaq-theme/5564344?WT.ac=solid_search_item&WT.seg_1=solid_search_item&WT.z_author=ZERGE

i need my menu stay pinned when users scroll down page the menu need stay at pinned

it’s ok ?

The link you posted is a worpress theme. But the menu is not a worpress plugin. So you can’t use it for this theme.

thank you have you got wordpress menu plugin ?

Two questions:

- How do I make this vertical instead of horizontal?

- How can I make the menus that fly out – have a second level?

ex:  Main Link
       - fly out link
         - secondary fly out link

Hi, contact me via email as this will need some custom changes.

Hi, does this work with Android?

When mobile hamburger menu appears, and it is clicked to open, the hamburger icon needs to change to an X so that users understand to click X to close menu Similar to http://codepen.io/elijahmanor/pen/Igpoe ? How to achieve this? Thanks

Good Work! Congratulations!