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Hi, marcelopaimon

I need HELP!

Your template this problema. Dont View!!!


sir, could you please update the theme? thank you!

All themes will receive a new update in the next few days with support for latest version of phpdolphin.

hi marcelopaimon – now we have v2.0.7 on dolphin. where are the updates? kind regards, crixxu

dolphin 2.1.2 is out!

Hi, where can I see a live demo?

I am having a hard time installing. I need help to install and setup. This is my email

Hello there, i buy your Theme FLAT for phpdolphin but is not working.

i have latest version of phpdolphin, can you please tell me what to do in

order do make it working or refound me amount i pay for your service.

can you please help me this theme its not working for me on latest version of phpdolphin… email me. please…

Hello, I just bought this theme, but it doesn’t work – menu will disappear and the theme is completely broken. Could you please help? I have latest version of phpdolphin and if I understand well to the other comments, it can be herewith. If is it true, could you please update this theme for newer phpdolphin? Thank you.

Hey, I demand a refund for this theme that doesn’t work. If either you fix it or you refund.