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how we can play auto video ????

please remove:

<track kind=”captions”

<track kind=”subtitles”

from which file ???

please remove <track> tag from .html files: preview.html, logo.html, watermark.html

Hi there, nice skin. I just had a question about the vjs Chromecast extension. Is the Chromecast extension button(icon) included?

You can add a button and call javascript when click


I purchased Video.js skin yesterday but it is for Video.js 4. I wanted to purchase for Video.js 5, not sure if I accidentally clicked wrong link or not.

Could you provide me skin for 5 since I’m using it.

Thanks, - Marko

I see a buyer purchased Video.js 4 skin at 18 Aug 2016 Please tell me about your name of company and your country

I can provide you skin for 5

how to select default resolution ? like 360P or 720P or 1080P?

yes, $7 same as vjs5

difference B/w vjs4 and vjs5 ?


I would like to know whether that buying the skins you give me an example of a player with VAST / VPAID preroll.

Thank you

Note me when after buy it

Hi … done! My company is Valica S.r.l.

Please contact with me via email: vu@tan.vn

Does it support with azure media service ? and does resolutions (1080p – 720p …) compatible with azure streaming ?

Azure media service videos links like: //amssamples.streaming.mediaservices.windows.net/91492735-c523-432b-ba01-faba6c2206a2/AzureMediaServicesPromo.ism/manifest

Please go to https://github.com/videojs/video.js for your question


I’ve just extracted archive with skin files and i can see only half of buttons in default green color (play, sound, progressbar) and others in white (HD, fullscreen). I need all buttons are in the same color (as on item’s screenshots).

Please help!

I like version before redesign more. I spent my money for the skin that is shown on the screenshots. Where i can find it?

One more problem is position of volume-level ball. In fullscreen mode it goes down (not in center).

I will fix it and update. Thanks for report

I’m having an issue with the volume control button. Sometimes the circle button for the volume control can be offset, sometimes it doesn’t. It’s easier to see when the volume is vertical instead of horizontal. Even with the simple “preview.html” page example, this issue happens. The circle image is positioned more to the right when vertical or toward the bottom when the volume control is horizontal. It’s not to a great degree, but it’s definitely not centered.

It seems this issue can happen on any browser. What’s weird is that sometimes this works and sometimes it’s wonky as I described above. For example this looks fine on Chrome for the moment but Firefox has this issue. The other day Chrome had this issue. Can the position be determined by what loads first? So if something else loads first the position be off?

To test you might have to load the page various times and switch between normal and full window for the player, or switch to the vertical volume to see better. Any thoughts?

Version 2.1 fixbug and design look better – 06 December 2016.

Please update it

That’s the version I used for testing. I cleared my cache again for Firefox and it still has the issue. It seems the gray line behind the button is up to high and need to go down at least a pixel or 2, at least when I’m viewing on Firefox.


Jay216 Purchased

Hi i just purchased this skin, how do i add it to my wordpress? i am using videojs cdn.. Any help is appreciated.

Is it possible to configure the logo in the lower left?

yes, it’s possible

Please edit videojs-logo.min.css /** Logo Brand and Watermark **/ .vjs-watermark { position: absolute; display: inline; z-index: 2000; top: 10px; right: 10px; }
/** Logo Brand and Watermark **/ .vjs-watermark { position: absolute; display: inline; z-index: 2000; left: 10px; bottom: 44px; }

Thank you very much, I work perfectly, you do a good job. Greetings from Venezuela.

does your theme work with videojs playlist thumbnails?

yes, it is