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Do I understand correctly that with your application, you can put music to call? And he is ready to App Store? thank you

Tell me, how many seconds can be cut length songs or music phone? And how easy is it to add a ringtone? thank you

This application is ringtone maker,with it you can not put sound directly in device,but you can cut and apply fade-in or fade-out effects,and then with itunes,you can upload on device.This app save sounds in format specialy for ios device. And it ready for App Store.

No bigger then 40 seconds. To save for ringtone you should save song with special format,and then just import from app to desktop. Open itunes,select Tones,and import song from desktop,sync device.

Does it Support 4inch iphone 5 ?

Yes,it does.

Will this allow the ringtone to be save to phone and set the ringtone from settings?

no,because ios devices not allow to save ringtones direct in device

hello, the fade in/fade out function can not work?also something else can not work too.please update it.

What’s the different Text Message Tone and Emails Tones and Calendar Alerts…,I find the code is the same.

hello, we’ll take a look about update soon. diferences is the category,it easy for users,and in next update ,will be some changes,about this.what about the code,it the same,because ios support the same format for all tones,and alerts.

Hi, the fade function is updated to work? Thanks

Hi,soon will be update,1 or 2 days.

do you need to have a server for this app?

server,for what? soon will be update with file transfer on ftp server,but now all files are saved in device.

So, right now is it updated version of the app? In comments you’ve promised update in 1-2 days, is it done?

Yes,update is done,fade effects,work very well. And soon will be more updates.

Any New Updates?

Yes, application was updated with version 2.0 and there is new side navigation menu and now you can save in diferent category.

hello, when validating the build, I get this error:https://www.dropbox.com/s/srabcswbnxta41x/Screen%20Shot%202014-05-29%20at%201.27.22%20am.png

I am not a programmer, please help to fix it, thanks!

The first error is about missing Nib file named “Main-iPad-ipad.nib”. The app that is available for download is only supports iPhone and not iPad. Therefore it seems you may added ipad nib file to bundle or somewhere in the code. You need to remove that from your bundle.

The second error is also linked to first one. Info.plist file actually configurred to contain both main storyboard and main nibfile. this will cause confusion. You can have one of them only.

If you sort out the first error, the second error will likely go away


You’re welcome.Thanks for buying.

hey-I’m building an app like a sound board app that i want the user to be able to record the key presses (samples)on screen, can you do this? I don’t need to be able to record from the mic… once its recorded send the song to email, etc ? thanks

hi, this is ringtone maker, the base function of it is to cut song or recorded files. Recording is just on mic, for the songs or samples, they should be imported in device library and then can be maked an ringtone.

Import song from your library or record your own sound, then crop in the limit of time, then save it. After that export your created sound on your computer via iTunes or send it on email, and download it. Then you should import from computer your sound via iTunes on your device.That’s it, enjoy your new ringtone.

There are no ads integrated into it. right?

Right, there is no ads.

Hi I notice when I pressed the fade in button the other (fade out) doesn’t be pressed…I mean only one button at time can pressed but I need to make fade in and fade out for the ringtone, any help?

Hi, app was created with one option: fade in or fade out. We will make an update with option to activate fade in and fade out at the same time.

this is work with ios 8.1 ?!

Don’t work Xcode 6.3.1

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Its not work can you help me?

Its not work can you help me?

I’m interested in this app, but is this app still working fine and supported? Thanks.

@ljianyih No.

can you update this for ios 9.x. The sliding drawer isn’t working in ios9.x