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Simple and impressive! :)

Thanks for nice comment.

Just an advice, this won’t go far without a working live preview. Regards.

We changing hosting, it just take few min. Sorry for disturbance.

It resolved. thanks

Great! Good luck on your sales!! Good job.

Hi, this is excellent. I am interested in buying this. Can you clarify two things:

1. Does this “require” bootstrap? Our site is based on this template: and I don’t think it is Bootstrap based.

2. Is it possible to reduce the width and padding on the files?

Yes the layout based on bootstrap. and the code is classified, you do anything. if further more support need let me know.

Thanks a lot. I purchased it and was able to customize it pretty well. :)

Thank you @Hustleson :)

Seems great

Hi, I like it, but I’m using wordpress with live composer and luck to use it? thanks

Thank you for your fast reply, I paid for and downloaded attached files, insert the HTML code to a wordpress page but the style is broken, where should I upload the css and fonts files, I uploaded to the site’s root but have no luck, thanks.

It need to upload the template root and if issue very hard of your end and send the ftp and wp admin details. We can help to integrate to you.

Hi, I could do myself, issue has been solved, thank you very much, very nice product and really excellent support.

Hi Apex, Will this work on a Koken ( CMS site? Thanks!

Dear Sir, First of all this is not any CMS plugin, this is CSS table. So far as I know, it need done by creating page template by linking css and using HTML. Let me any support or service need. We can ready to do that. Also send necessary access details.

Thanks Apex_Team

Hi there, for the 3 column version, how do I make the middle column bigger than the other two?

you can do it by this say

Looks great! GLWS