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Hi mate – this looks great – is there anyway you can put a simple home page on the app, so, when it loads you see a home screen and then click play, and during the game you can go back to the home screen if you need to (the reason why I ask is that Apple have been rejecting some games that don’t have a home screen or without a way of getting back to the home screen during game play) – if you could add this then this will definitely be an instant buy my friend :)

Okay, I’ll do it.

Cool!!! That’s great mate! I will definitely buy this from you in the next day or so! To everyone else, this guy creates great code, you won’t be disappointed

Hey, look, I already updated the game

Has the homescreen update been made yet?? Thanks.

I’m doing it, I will tell you when I will complete.

Hey, look, I already updated the game.

How is the score calculated based on the time and number of clicks??

Yes. int result = (int)(fabs((pow(sqrt(sqrt((press)*sqrt(time)) * value),3)) – 3988));

The logic behind the scoring didn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s set up so that taking more time and more clicks to solve the puzzle produces a higher score. And the higher score is saved as the “best score.” But the opposite should be true. If you are able to find all the matches quickly with fewer clicks, that should produce a better school. It’s like if two people are having a foot race…the person with the higher time LOSES. So, I switched the “best score” label to display the user’s lowest score (not his highest) as the best score.

In my formula I take minus 3988. It gives such a result, the maximum score player comes 3988. Well it is possible to alter the code and get different results as you did.

Do you have a link to a published game using your code in the Apple App Store? Please provide such link.

I not published this game, see video preview :)

please could doe let me know how to edit the text that appears in the box at the end of the game that shows score for that game.

Also do i need to do anything to get iAds to work in my account ‘change an ID or anything’

I answered your questions on a mail :)

Hi, how about a feature to randomly select pictures from the users picture libraby to fill the game. As an alternative to use the pictures of the game itself?

This can be done, it is not difficult to implement.

would it possible for you to implement it to your app?

Of course, you can make it.

Can i find this App in swift?

No, only Objective-C, maybe in future I make swift version.

app has ios9, iphone6s+ screen resolutions support?

Yes, It’s all support.

hi mate, i bought this because you have mentioned that it has iphone6s+ resolution support, i have now found that it doesnt, can you help please?