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Look great, bookmark it.

Thanks :)

Gday, looks nice, just wondering if this is responsive and comes with a backend for posting/emailing the inputs?

Yes it’s responsive. This item contains just HTML & CSS files.

Is there one just for an image uploader with name input?

Yes in application form.

So for the application one you’d basically just remove certain elements of it so that only the image and name part is there?

Purchased it! Is there a way to change it from going back to the homepage after someone clicks “SEND”?

Thanks :) Best way to do it, is to use navigation menu, add additional text (link) or button below the form.

Brilliant :) Is there a select dropdown included?

Thanks:)Dropdown is not included in this item. But in the next update of the item, I will included.

Hi nice work!! is it possible to add and replace fields as much as I want? (for example adding an upload image option at registration)


Yes, you can do it in HTML and CSS :)

I have purchased it. For the responsive it’s OK when we reduce the browser on the PC. But on mobiles (android) the form is not reponsive. Do you know what is the problem ? I have try the android browser and firefox for mobile, the problem is the same. Thanks a lot.

I’m preparing this item in Bootstrap. Update will come soon!

Hello, seems great but… only support from IE10? That leaves a lot of users behind… Anyone tried it on IE8? Thanks! :)

I purchased it.

How can I do drop-down element?

Please assist


Hello Gotosd, please send me a message at