Discussion on Flat Design Desk Banners - Animated SVG

Discussion on Flat Design Desk Banners - Animated SVG

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Hi, I recently purchased it, I am having hard time to get this to go full width,

Hi, I’m really interested in getting this but have two questions: 1. is it responsive? Or does that depend on the site it’s on? 2. I’m thinking of using this on a Wordpress site. I’m guessing I can just stick it in a code block (with any CSS added to the child stylesheet) – do you know anyone who’s got it working on Wordpress?

Hi, is it possible to edit the graphic colors at all?


Thank you! It is a bomb!

t h a n k s

How to keep animation on every scroll?

How do you make it responsive?

Can this somehow be used with WordPress ?

Hi, Could you let me know how this can be integrated into wordpress.

Sorry, we currently don’t have a WP version. I would suggest looking for a freelance on Envato Studio. good luck!

Is there a Wordpress version of this or is there a plugin I could use?

Interesting animation. I may have to use this in the future.

good, I need to animate some elements on the scene, could u able to do that thing, if so I need to purchase it after ur replay

I could definitely customize it to your needs. Email me through my profile page and tell me exactly what you what so I can give you a quote.

Hi Lance, is it possible to use both this compositions and some of your animated seo-icons ( ) on same page? I checked the code and noticed that dxcicons.js for these elements are slightly different. Will it be problem?

If you can please check it and maybe make a demopage with all your svg’s on one page.

Thanks from your namesake (almost) :) ,

Alex Schneider.

yeah, just use the dxcicons.js of the SEO one. It has just a tiny bit of extra functionality.

Haha another cool one. Any plans on anything related to medicine? I have a pharmacy training business and would love to see anything pharmacy or pharmacy technician related. Thanks!

I wasn’t planning on it, but that’s a cool idea. I may in the future. Thanks!

sweet I look forward to buying this! this will probably be on envato’s list next year as what’s going to be “hot” for 2016 just like they said with the “flat icons, flat logos, flat etc.” for 2015 which panned out lol.


Great item! Maybe consider to build some sort of library for svg animations made easy? Good luck!

Good idea. Thanks!

You’re welcome. Let me know if you need help with that :)

Will I be able to add new svg images to create new banner using same code? Of course given that I am familiar svg. ;)

If so I am an owner of this script

You could, but it would take a lot of tweaking of the js. You’d still have to write the code for each animation. What do you mean “I am an owner of this script”?

it means that if you script could do all above I would buy your script and be an owner of this script:)

Ah, gotcha. :)

Very clean animation, congratulation.


Very nice! :-)

How easy is it to edit some elements of the image e.g. change color or other things? I see that you have set fixed width/height for the images in the demo. What will happen if % is used? Will everything scale on resizing the browser window? Anyway I hope to see more of these animated SVG. Btw. does this contain only the two images of the demo?

Thanks, Bernhard

I set the variable playOnStart from true to false, in order to have the animation start only after clicking the restart button i.e. making this more like a start button. Unfortunately it still starts automatically. Any idea, what could be wrong? Thanks for this fascinating little item. :-)

I actually took that functionality out when I added the animate-on-scroll stuff. Just comment out 124-133 (the waypoint stuff) and you’re good to go.

Thanks again!


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