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Nice work GLWS :)


fantastic work, all the best for your sales ;)


Good graffics hope to easy to reskin.

yes it is easy to reskin, Don’t worry about that

does it contains a reskin instuctions ?!

yes of course.

How and where can we turn on the sound ?

You can turn oj the sound from the button in the game

Actually Google just rejected my submission even though it was reskinned and different colors etc. https://play.google.com/about/developer-content-policy/ The name I changed it to was Color zap – why would it be rejected ?

please send me a screenshot of the message that google have sent you so I can see what’s the reason for the rejection

Okay – where do I send the screenshot???

Via email

Okay – never mind – they accepted the game now. Then why did they send me an email ???

I think it was an admob problem.

Hey !

Which version of did you use to make this game ? 2.2.2 ?

Best Regards, Stingreyzapp

Hello. In Android Studio has the ability to import?

yes it does

Hi, do you have a proper guide on how to use it on Android Studio?

No. but It’s almost the same thing

google play message Alerte de sécurité Votre application utilise une version de libpng qui présente une faille de sécurité. Veuillez consulter cet article du centre d’aide Google pour plus d’informations, notamment sur le délai dont vous disposez pour corriger la faille. Concerne la version 1 du fichier APK.

We’re just waiting for Buildbox Inc to fix this problem so we will make an update

download the update its fixed

Hi, after removing the errors, there’s warnings, how do i remove it?

is it a yellow warning?

Hello, google play app rejected if you will send a screenshot of mail


download the update its fixed

Hi there! i can build the project for you and generate the apk ( including Ads ID), send me an e-mail : cyberhopital@gmail.com


good work, i whish you all the best for your sales

Error:Android Pre Dex: [google-play-services.jar] Failed to load dx.jar Can you help me Please


I have a few questions to ask regarding your game :

1) Is Admob already set in the game ? Do i need just to change the IDs ?

2) How many levels in the game are there ?

3) Does this game works with Android Studio 3.2 ?

Thanks in advance


Does this game work with Android Studio ? if so does it work in the 3.2 version ?

Can the reskin be done from Android studio ?