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does it need a host to save the image file? it will be better if it comes with 2 options, image hosted or without host

Currently it comes with only hosted version. I will keep that in mind for the next update. Thanks

Hosting can actually be pretty simple. You can use Dropbox to host your folders that will contain the wallpapers (In the public folder), which is free. 2GB will allow you to store 4000+ wallpapers.


can we see a demo of the app?


Link to the .apk file has been added. When you click the “Live Preview” button, it will be downloaded.

thanks the app looks great, but how to set the wallpaper? it only got download button….

This app is for browsing wallpapers based on the current trend or other sequence. This version provides the function to download the app, which will be stored in the app’s personal folder. After the user downloads some wallpapers, they can set it as their wallpaper from either the Gallery or My Files.

Awesome work man :D Congrats on first CC item :smitten:


support admob?

Admob has not been implemented yet.

Admob added.

Please add admob support on next update.

I’ll guide you the best I can.

I just tested the demo apk and when I viewed an image, the download, left arrow, and right arrow buttons enlarged super big. It’s a simple app, it would be nice to have a pinch zoom feature to zoom into images. A thumbs up and thumbs down feature would be great to collect votes from users, which would build more user interactions. Would also be nice to have a section where users can upload their own images for review. Please add these on next update.

I’m sure you will get more sales this way.

I’ll keep it in mind, thanks. :)

Another question: Is this the full application or just the template?

Full Application. You just need to change the basic things and straight upload to the store.

can ? upload this programme on play store(free) when ? buy regular license?

Yes, with regular license, you can upload it to Play Store for free.

How i upload wallpapers? What is extended license?

It’s easy. Like mentioned in the help file, you will host your images somewhere and put the link to that folder in the app. Then even after your app is in the Play Store, you can upload new images to your hosted folder and it will automatically be updated in every user’s app.

Extended License allows you to sell the app in the Play Store for a price. It’s good if quick cash is what you’re after.

Hello, Does it contain Whatsapp, facebook, sms share ?

Hi will this work with an imgur folder upload or a dropbox folder upload?

There are errors in programming. When I opened the application by Eclipse. Back to me that there are 4 errors. See these errors.

I would not advise anyone to buy it. There are compilation errors.

I would not advise anyone to buy it. there are many errors in programming.