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Turn off flashlight when screen off please solve this problem

This is a function not a bug. Please send your email address, and I will modify the app for you.

Please use this modifications. (// tag) http://screenpresso.com/=dAVPc

is it working for Android 6 as well.?

Hello may I get the Android Studio version with interstitial ad, thanks


Where do you want to show the interstitial ad?

After on button is clicked,... If possible to send both android studio and esclispe will appreciate, thanks

I purchased the flashlight w/strobescope but have some problems when recreating the project… The flashlight app turns on when the app opens and the strobe effect works perfectly but when I hit the power imageview it crashes and won’t turn back on…I get the BufferQueue has been abandoned and haven’t able to figure out why I am getting that message.

Note that when I attmept to bring you code into android studio and run it I get this “Error:(3) Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:Widget.Material.Spinner.Underlined’.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated

lg v10 and android 5.1.1. I saw that there was an earlier comment about the same issue and wonder f you solved it for them

Mark checking in on the issue I haven’t heard anything from you regarding the flashlight issue I mentioned in my earlier message

I can help you today with teamviewer. Please wite for me: mark.bus.it(at)gmail.com

The app have 99 errors out of the box. I have tried different SDK versions but no luck. Any ideas?

Turn off flashlight when screen off please how to solve it?

What is your email?

My email tornadovendas@gmail.com and i use android studio

Hello, On 6.0.1 app closes, I need to give camera permission manually from App permissions otherwise it crashes. How to solve it. demo.apk ON permission automatically.

Turn off flashlight when screen off How to solve this problem? my email tornadovendas@gmail.com


I want to make few changes to the app can i have your skype please

I haven’t skype.

Hi can I purchase in Android Studio?

Yes, android studio version is int he package.

What do you use Android Studio Version ?

Error Source Code. I use Android Studio Version 1.4

The last android studio is compatible with the app.

Android Studio 2.2.2 and cam with 106 errors.. please let me know

Check your email.

Hi it is compatible on tablette?

Yes, it is.

I’ve heard people saying Google is removing these apps arguing they don’t provide any mean-full content to users. Any idea?

Mark01337 Send me a mail and I need to see you mysgl I am from you about melikehakan@gmail.com

I receive an error when importing the project:

” Error:(1, 0) Gradle version 2.2 is required. Current version is 3.3.

Please fix the project’s Gradle settings. Fix Gradle wrapper and re-import project Gradle settings “

I assume I should not use older versions of Gradle (I have no idea what Gradle is)

The android studio is auto updateing the gradle version.


issa82 Purchased

Hi,i have bought the source code of your flashlight app, but i am facing problem in building apk after reskin, Error:(3) Error retrieving parent for item: No resource found that matches the given name ‘android:Widget.Material.Spinner.Underlined’. i have 30 from these errors.how can i solve this issue. i have emailed u. Best Regards

Please send me the modified code here: mark.bus.it@gmail.com

Hello. I have the same issue like Muskan2017 in Android Studio and Eclipse wrote the following Error Messages.

The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for java.lang.Object. Fix the build path then try building this project FlashLight.

The type java.lang.Object cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files ClickSound.java /FlashLight/src/com/example/flashlight line 1 Java Problem


kaiww Purchased

I have changed the applicationId but it does not work, it throws me this error: Fail to connect to camera service