Discussion on Flash Alerts On Call and SMS

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Admob is there ?

Yes Admob is integrated

Same app as earlier its published here

My app is in Android studio. And is different from the previously published app.

Wat so ever studio or eclipse … But the concept is the same …

Si we hope that you are not using our source code because this app has a similar name as ours.

My app is is Android Studio and its purely my own code also if you check your app its in Eclipse so please don’t false comment on my item.

Sorry sir. We don’t have the code and we just want be sure because it is a strange coincidence to have two apps with the same name. Anyways we are sorry again and good luck with sales.

Hello, the flash is valid for notifications WhatsApp ? thanks

Flash blinks on standard call and sms its tested but not tested for Whatsapp

Can you implement flash alerts on skype, facebook, whatsapp and viber?

Thank you for purchase .Yes Please email us using contact form

Amazing Work dude