Flash Alert On Sms And Calls

Flash Alert On Sms And Calls

About The Application :

Flash Alert On SMS And Calls is the best flash light alert application you will ever use. user-friendly, robust and well designed.

It Comes with a bunch of settings that gives you an over control on how you want it to behave.

Our Flash Alert app is a wonderful tool that can remind you the incoming calls and Sms with blinks of your flashing lights when you don’t want to hear a ringtone, or you just like the nice ringing and blinking lights effect from your phone.

Features of source code :

  1. AdMob Integration (Banner and Interstitial).
  2. Very easy to customize and reskin.
  3. Custom graphics.
  4. Clear graphics at all screen resolutions.
  5. Flash Light blink(s) Alert on incomming Calls.
  6. Disable / Enable Flash Alert in any time you want with a simple click.
  7. Control the phone mode from inside the app ( silent mode / vibrate )
  8. Turn off the Flash Alert app if the battery is lower than a value that you specify.
  9. Turn off the Flash when you shake your phone using an advanced movement sensor that you can activate with a simple click.
  10. Disable / Enable Flash Alert for incoming calls.
  11. Choose your incoming call Flash Alert mode from several ones.
  12. Choose your incoming SMS Flash Alert mode from several ones.
  13. Control the time of each flash light.
  14. Add Your own developed by page.
  15. Shows the battery life level.
  16. Add a link to a video demonstration of your app.

Install :

  1. First, the application will checks if your phone has a flashlight, if not you will get a message that tells you if you want to quit the app or to continue.
  2. Then a test button will show up (only in the first time) providing you the possibility to check if your flashlight is supported by the app or not.

What You Get :

  1. Java, XML and APK files.
  2. GIMP files :
    1. All the app graphics.
    2. The application logo
    3. Icons pack (All the icons used in the app are designed especially for it using inkscape)

  3. A documentation of the application that includes :
    1. How to import the application using eclipse.
    2. How you can change the images.
    3. How you can change the backgrounds colors.
    4. How to change a text.
    5. How to change AdMob settings.
    6. How to change the application icon.
    7. How to change the application name.
    8. How to change the package name.
    9. How to change the developped by page.
    10. How to change the video demonstration link.

Updates :

In case of any bug we will be delighted to fix it and update the source code.

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Notes :

This application was developed using Eclipse.

Demo :

Download the application.

More :