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Why not Android game ?

use ludei can easy change to android game,

I don’t think so

crow originally make on ios and anroid ,just transplant to html5

Great Item corpvs,


thank you 99works

Great! GLWSales

thank you codstack

Can you add share score on facebook?

ok,i will try add fb in this week

How can you transform html5 too app using Ludei

ok, i will update fb version,and try build a ludei version,but i can not test in mobi,because i have not the anroid system phone,sorry about it

Any way to add Admob?


use ludei can add admob

I can not seem to construct with 2 ouvrire he asked me to install a pluguin may I not she sai

You must put the “exporters” folder in to the construct2 root folder,there will be a same folder. the “exporters”in zip file

I can not open it with construct 2 error :The project you are opening uses dd ons that are not installed:

Behavior Lite Tween by unarray

Please install the missing plugins behaviors or effects and try

re-opening the project. Note projects can be opened with effects

missing, but not with plugins orbehavior missing

You must put the “exporters” folder in to the construct2 root folder,there will be a same folder. the “exporters”in zip file


hey on which framework you wrote the game ? can i edit the game ? and add js code everytime the score change and on game over ?

i use construct2 make this game,you can edit it with c2,can add js code too


I have updated my game with FB share button altso FlappyCrow v1.1 we just cant find share.php in the files where we could edit description and etc.

So should i put that .php into root folder?

no,the php file must put into you website.

root folder.

Love this game. Very interesting and attractive :) Good luck

thank you ~!

There is a bug that is really annoying, the problem is that the best score is not saved, so when you restart the game (refreshing the page, or entering again in some time later) the best score restart from 0, can you fix this please?

Thank you.

It’s me again, I’ve repaired the problem for the web version, but the mobile version still have this issue, how can I save score in-game so when the person enters again, the best score is still there?

Thank you.

hi,sorry late, i very busy Last week,i make the best score not still,if you want to make still in mobi,the mobi must support local JSON.

thank you corpvs :)

Just purchased this game. Any instructions how to run the game? ...index.htm is not loading the game. Which is the correct folder to load the game?

ok problem no fixed…no support?

hi ,the html5 game have must upload on you site.

Hi, What line is executed when the game is “game over” (To my own Highscore system).. Cannot figure out c2runtime.js. Please help!

I cannot use Construct on my Mac. Can you help me? Skype me: KampmannMadsen or email me jebser.m@gmail.com Please. (Money is involved)

Hi, Can run in different screen sizes? We need it to be responsive for mobile devices. Thx

hi the game is 16:9,can run in most mobile devices