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I made a new android application and uploaded on the google play store. Now i have a big problem. I created a new key overwriting the old one. The old debug.keystore file is replaced with the new one. Which means the old certificate has been gone.

Now i have the old MD5 and SHA1 key saved in a text file. Is it possible to create a key file using the MD5 and SHA1 i have it already ? Google is asking for the same certificate as i had earlier or i won’t be able to publish updates.

It is not possible to know the key from the SHA1. If it was, everyone would be able to republish your app. I’m afraid you need to remember the key or create a new app on google play.

please can you ad google analystics please

Hi, I will add your request to my todo list and will look into it when updating the app :)

Hi can you reskin this game for me? how much will cost ?

I’m afraid I can’t help you right now with work myself since I’m very tight on work.

Hi Melvin !

The game was fully fonctionnal and the instructions perfect, keep doing that wonderful job !

Here is mine :

Glad you liked it! Thanks

Doesnt seem to work on 6.0, launches but install button doesnt work, only cancel works

Hi, I haven’t tested it on Android 6 yet. What device are you using please?

The app itself installs or it doesn’t even install? Thanks

im using the nexus 6p, no it wont install the install button doesnt do anything, just the cancel button works

Ok thanks. I think it isn’t supported by the Android version then. I will update the app as soon as one of my devices updates to Android 6.

Hello there just bought this game. Nice work.

My app is loading without the bottom columns. Only the TOP ones are being displayed. It looks like the bird can still hit the column and end the round. However they are not being displayed. On Note 3 version 5

Hi, Are you using eclipse or android studio? Also, does the demo work for you on the same phone?

Regards, Melvin

Thank you for the reply. Both on the demo app and my build.

I used both Android Eclipse & Studio. same outcome. I can’t emulate though because my virtualization needs to be disabled in my BIOS, so I cannot troubleshoot this.

2 physical devices same thing. Then on my friends Edge S7 it works fine and hes on 6. Im on 5 on a note 3. Very weird issue :( its been killing me. I want to get it perfectly working so I can then start customizing.

Thanks for your help


Can you send me the your build .apk file, please? Feel free to send it on

Regards, Melvin

Hi.i got some java error. please send me an email address to attach an image.please solve this

Good service and kind author. i give u 5 stars. code is working very fine. here is mine

Thanks! Great work on the customisation :)

:) Thank u very much!


Is it Android Studio Project or Eclipse?? Is it support Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) ??

Thank you


This is an Eclipse Project. I have the Android Studio Project ready however, for the next update. I should be able to upload an update soon.

Yes, it supports Android Marshmallow :) Feel free to try the demo .apk

please how to change color of the pillar

Hi, for support, please comment with the account that purchased the item.

Good work, very recommend to buy the items of this developer for the following reason: – good quality – nice and good documentation and tutorial

Glad you like my work :) Thanks for the kind words :)

I am interested to Buy. Could you please answer the following, 1) Is this project using any Game Engine or Framework? Is there any dependency apart from Android / Java programming?

2 ) Is this App supported upto Android 7 Nougat as well? Thank you

1) The app uses a framework I built along the years. Its called NUDGE. There is no dependency apart from android/java.

2) I tested it on a Samsung S7 edge. It worked fine. It should work well on Android 7. If not I will update it as soon I receive a report.

@neurondigital helli i am beginner in that , can you tell me how i do for load project to eclipse and change package name pleaz

have i change the package name for nudge ?

this is the first time when i use eclipse , please help me

The nudge package (com.neurondigital.nudge) doesn’t have to be changed. Having said that, if you wish you can change it, but then also make sure to change all the references to it.

I bought your code source , but can you please send me the code source for android studio. thank you for your time

I am updating the file on codecanyon. I added the code converted to Android Studio. It should be available in 2-3 days.

how can develop game like this Thank you

I’m afraid that this template is a bit different to transform it to the app in the link.

this game for android studio

This game was designed in Eclipse. However, in the last version I added an Android Studio Version. So now it supports both. The eclipse version will however not be supported in the next version.

How can I remove the Facebook module?

The app is designed for use with facebook share. you can go to line 64:
//menu buttons
    Button btn_Play, btn_Highscores, btn_Exit, btn_Home, btn_facebook, btn_Replay, btn_sound_mute, btn_music_mute, btn_pause;
delete btn_facebook and then you’ll notice many errors. make sure to delete the highlighted code/fix it and the facebook button would be gone.

I’m not familiar with Android Studio and can’t get this to work – please can you provide some instruction how to get it working?

Basically, how to import and run the app

I’m afraid currently only an eclipse version tutorial is available, since the code was originally designed for eclipse. I will try to make another tutorial for Android Studio in the coming month and update the template to the latest Android Studio v3.

Hi can you please guide me how i can upload this game to Android Play Store? and run ads on this game what steps i would need to take after buying this game i am completely newbie to this so detailed answer will be much appreciated thanks.

I’m afraid this is not offered as part of the support. However the template includes a video tutorial and documentation which should explain the customisation process.

hello ...

how to change color barrier ? >> ... THanks


You can do so from line 241:

Can you reskin this game for me? please let me know the cost.

Hi, please email me on for a quote.