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Can we open source code in a eclipse? one more question is there any documentation for Unity 3D project setup?

please sell only android based source code of FlappyBird. So people will buy it. :)

You can edit the source code in eclipse, whoever you need Unity to compile it, and MonoDevelop is the default code editor for Unity…

There is a detailed documentation included in the zip file, but you can check this out (basic documentation): https://github.com/icedev576/flappybird-devkit/blob/master/Flappy_Bird_Devkit.pdf

Ok thanks will buy it very soon or may be today.

its an open source, why purchase it !!!

support, documentation?


Where is the opensource version? I see the github but there’s no files for unity just an apk and instructions.

My question is how easy is it to edit the files and export it for android and iOS? Is it easier than ADT or Xcode for example or harder?

I am sorry I don`t have an opensource version. On the github there is the documentation and a demo sample. you can buy the source code from me

Here it is: http://kalua66.com/HappyBirdHat/ Why pay for a game that available more than 100000 clone and more !! my advise for all want to clone flappy bird, TRY to innovate a different game style !


Good post, I suggest the same, this game is already free and open source! Not recommended to buy this!

your right, i will upload it soon

I uploaded a builded apk, what is exactly the same as you can build without any modification: https://github.com/icedev576/flappybird-devkit/blob/master/flappy_devkit_demo.apk

Or you can check this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gjnt.floatingbird. This is our app in the store.

is it comes with admob? i can re-skine any android app let me know. if any one intrested

yes admob is included

Would not buy after export in unity and compiling in eclipse it force closes on open.

You mean my project crashes after exporting to Eclipse? In that case I will check it. Anyway it works fine with Unity. What is the version of the Unity you use?

Did all the issues get straightened out? I am interested in purchasing.

Also, I want to Publish this to Windows Phone 8, will that be possible easily and do you offer support?