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Can we please stop making these?

I know what you say! We like to work on new projects, but we are asked for different versions and reskins of this game, so we have to make some different versions!

So much lel

Such game.

Thank you!

did you use a canvas ? And is it easy to change the game size to make it wider


It is made with Construct 2 and this engine uses canvas. And about making it wider, it isn’t that easy and if you want a wider version, we have to make an edited version for you.

Hi,, is it possible to remove the leaderboard and FB and Twitter icons?


We can do it for you. Just purchase the game and send us the purchase code and we will send you an edited version (we don’t charge for editing it).


is it possible to change the leaderboard account to our own account?

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

I received your email. I will answer your question there.

Ok, so there are lots of this type of game out there, but somehow this feels the best of what I have seen. The overall quality of movement is excellent. The graphics are very easy to adapt to what you want. I have given mine a Medieval feel for a history site I am making: http://ks3historygames.co.uk/Flappy_Falcon/index.html

Thank you very much for your purchase and comment! Glad to hear that you liked the game! :)