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Good luck with sales, very nice product

Thank You ! :)

Very creative work! == Good sales! :)

Thanks Dude :) !

Nice item…. GLWS!!!

Thanks Mate :)

It’s build wit spritekit, cocos2d or ??

No Just Xcode!

what do you mean just xcode? what engine do you use for the graphics, collision detection etc? or you just used uikit and views?

Yeah That is it i used Ui kit and View!

This may be GameSalad for all we know…it is so crazy that people won’t post if it is pure UIKit, Cocos2dX, Cocos2d, SpriteKit, etc…

No i build it Using Just Xcode! i don’t know those also Cocos2dX, Cocos2d, SpriteKit, ????

Pure UIKit?? I’m interested to take a look at it now. Here come a new purchase :)

yes Its a Pure UIKIT you will Find PSD file and png file in the zip file Thank you !

Hello, could you please upload a video of the game? I am interested in buying but I would like to make sure the gameplay is fun enough.


Yeah Sure Dude ! i will Do The Gameplay Tomorrow

This looks great! nice job!

Thanks Mate :) !

will you add Game Center?

No i am sorry!

Any video or demo we can see the game play in action ?

Does it work with Game Center

No Sorry ! But you Can Add it

with this is the app finished like your demo, and i just need to change graphics

Yes ! you should Just Change the Graphics also The PSD file are attached in the zip file

Great Code Love it.

How can I add background music.?

Thank you :) for adding Music Background How to add it step by step

You need to use AVFoundation framework which includes a class called AVAudioPlayer. mp3 file should be in your resource group.

//get the audio file path NSString* path; NSURL* url;

path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:"music" ofType:“mp3”]; url = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:path];

//initilize AVAudioPlayer AVAudioPlayer* player; player = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithContentsOfURL:url error:NULL];

i will Do a video tutorial Friday :) also Please Don’t Forget to Rate it

This entire x code or UI?

Hi There,

Bought it, great stuff! I would like to remove the character selection screen and let it just pick one of the characters.

Is this possible?

Hi Thank you Yeah Sure Please Follow The Image tutorial also don’t forgot to Rate 5 stars Please _ :

1) go to the Storyboard and Select The page of the character Selection : 2)select it and Click Delete 3)go to the Play Screen select the button Play with clicking in ctrl 4) drag it in the screen that you want and click in modal


I want to buy this. Does it come with the source code?

Could you resin it for me and add my iAD code for me when i buy it?

Also, if i pay you can you add some custom work, levels, characters, etc for me?

Lets work together

Skype – socialkrack

i dont understand why you won’t do it for me if i pay you? Don’t you want to earn extra money?

No sure that i want :) i can do the reskin of it thats ok But add levels….. it will take a lot of time

Add me on Skype we can talk about this more Yes?

hello Man,if i purchase it, can i modify all the app? or only the graphics? can i publish to Appstore? thanks.

hi yeah you can Modify all the code also change graphics and send it to app store ! yeah Purchase it Now :)

can you provide the project without any adds,pop-ups

yeah sure ! when you Purchase it contact me via Skype and will send you One without ads,pop-ups

64bit and iOS 8?

No IOS 7

In the Xcode simulator the game doesnt work. It just keeps restarting from where the character is dropped in, any suggestions?

Also do i have to change all the graphics in just the PSD folder or the backgrounds too?

(null): could not read data from ’/Users/johnoreilly/Downloads/Flappy Stars 2/Code/FLappy Stars/Flappi starsTests/Flappi starsTests-Info.plist’: The file “Flappi starsTests-Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

Any help with this?


i am so sorry i Just saw your message so sorry for that i wasn’t Online since 10 days.

so yeah you need the Old xcode not the new one. and change the images only in the Xcode folder not the PSD folder one :)

Appstore link please …

Sorry i havent Published it.