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Seems a very smooth experience compared to the other flappy bird style games, great job :) and good luck with the sales.

Thank you! :)

I really like the expressions of sun :)

Good luck with the sales

Thank you very much! :D

If I buy it I can get the apk files and I can use Eclipse for modify?


Modifying it isn’t that easy and for making apk files from HTML5 games, we suggest that you use Cocoonjs (it has better performance). So if you buy it, we can give you its files so that you can make your own app version of it by Cocoonjs or Eclipse. But if you want it to run very smoothly on android devices, the best way is that we make a native app from this game.

If you need more information, contact us via our mail.

it is editable to insert ads in the sides of the game screen? Great version of flappy games :)


There are some ways for adding ads in HTML5 apps and games. But we haven’t tested them yet. Contact us via our mail so we can talk more about it.

Very interesting work :)

Thank you!

Can we slow up the speed of in seeting?


It can be done, but this for you will be difficult. But if you want, we can apply this change. Just contact us via our email whenever you have purchased it and we will send you the modified version.

Hello Sirs,

Great Job.. Before i continue to buy this i need to know some things. 1. The files that you will send me is compressed or obfuscated? 2. Is there any posibility to add admob? 3. Can i modify the graphics enviroment?

No problem. I answered your email.

Dear Author,

Is it possible please to check why it is laggy on iPhone4? I also upload it to my dedicated server and it stills laggy.. Also i build it as a native IOS app and the problem remains.

If it’s possible please check it!

On android devices it works great!

I’m not sure about the reason, but we are working on it to figure it out. Check your email for more information.

can some graphics be changed?


Yes, in all of our products, most of graphical elements can be easily changed or modified.


We would also need Construct 2 project file, can you send it to us as well please?

Tnx, Futulabs

Hi and thank you for your purchase,

No problem. Just email us and we will send it to you.

Hi! So the game is made with Construct2? If yes, when buy, it comes with .capx project ? Thanks ..


It is made with Construct 2 and whenever you have purchased it, email us and we will send you the .capx file.

Hello, before I purchase it, do I need some license of Construct 2 to edit it? Or do you deliver legible HMTL5 + JS code? (I mean, with no obfuscated code)



The codes of games made with engines are always somehow obfuscated and editing them without engine is very difficult. But Construct 2 is a free engine and whenever you have purchased the game, tell us and we will email the source codes to you and then you can edit it with Construct engine.