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no ads runing?

Please update your code to latest Google Play services Library. Please see the link.. Help us all out by updating Google play services library into your app. https://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/docs/admob/play-migration

this game have interstial?

yes just PURCHAS the codesource and i will send you the interstial code

send it to my ermail also thanks

Hii please update the app with latest play store library…

are u still updating this?

Has the app been updated per the request?

Is the admob updated?

no not yet

can i get free update if i buy now? When r u planning to update?

no problem

WTF… where is the documentation? what should i do after i download the project????

nope.. there is no doc file or folder in project.. http://prntscr.com/4tt586

download from codecanyon

Where’s the URL’s documentation? I have download project from codecanyon.. I buy from codecanyon.. so where is the documentation?

I get error on the credits and how to page

app closes

problem fix

Bug Fix. Play the game for sometime. Hibernate the device,unlock the device. App restarts from different state.

Depends on the speed

what code do I use for stop the game from hibernating

does this work on eclipse?

how can I add more levels?