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hello bro the apk doesn’t work !!

is working can you screen me your problem plz

Hello simotaylor i think you have other app or game use same pack

i’m sorry is working just i change the name thank you i wiil try the game and i will buy good like

Hello. Is it Made with buildbox? I don’t like buildbox.

android studio and you can use in eclipse

Hi nice idea but don´t you think flappy is “swallowed /burned out” ? there are thousands of flappies on google play and the idea is very old. To make something new and interesting would be good !! :)

yeh but if you use this code source to other method like flappy tramp and you put face of tramp in code in do some ads to game you will git a lotf download just Think outside the box

you are using buildbox or native code java ?

cocos2d java

Can i use android studio to reskin it

yes you can

Hi, I want to buy but i need to know is it full source code and license ? i need to change character and do some changes

yeh when you buy this game you will git full source code you can contact me in my email turbogames.studios@gmail.com

bro i want a video video tutorial how import the game in studio android and how to change the package name please

bro i dont cant imporet the game in android studio

the code source not working

How to change the images, mean the bird , background and all of it !

the code sours with alot of Errors!!!

the code sours with alot of Errors!!!

Hello, I changed the graphics and bird, but still unable to upload to Google Play Store. It was rejected for violating the Impersonation and Intellectual Property policy. How do I fix this problem?