Discussion on Flappy Fish with Admob and Gamecenter 64bit

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This’s nice app but have any bugs in your project, please build it succeed before sell. :(

Just clean the app before build , Send me a screen image i help you thanks

I can’t get mine to work either. would you help me if I can send you a screenshot? I did a clean and that fixed alot of errors but I can’t get rid of a couple pesky ones. Thanks

yes I just saw your message just now

Thank you :)

check your mail plz

I am getting errors as well.. has this been updated ?

ok thanks

So, when is the update coming ? or did I just waste my money with your project ?

The project is updated to 64 bit sorry for the late reply

Have these error messages been resolved? I am still getting ‘extern CGFloat __ccContentScaleFactor;’ error messages. Thanks,

The project is updated now to 64 bit

<= crash here.

The app build without any problem but it it crashed in line 95 of the AppDelegate file. Any ideas?

I see this:

cocos2d: ERROR: Failed to compile shader:


cocos2d: ERROR: 0:12: ’’ : syntax error: #extension must always be before any non-preprocessor tokens

For your interest:


this fixed my problem.


Hi, can you confirm the project build successfully on XCode 8 ?

yes and support 64bit