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Plz Check PM

hello , can you send me Screenshoot pls , or should i make APK for you ? :)

check your Mail

check PM sir ,

Wheres demo apk?

hi, you can check here , but this is only my own build with “More Button” . on this item the game without “More Game” Button


How many levels it has ?

it has 35 level sir which auto generate and endless level

Hi, How can I edit the images (assets) ? Thank you

hello , because this is only eclipse project you will be hard to edit , cause i use buildbox software made this game which if you want to edit images , the available images is only Atlases file , you must be understand to edit that file . you can put on photoshop then change like what you want but must be same size like before .

but if you buy extended license , you will get assets(CDR,PNG) + BBDOC + Music Sounds . and you will be easy to edit images on this game on buildbox software.

Hi. Buildbox file included?

hello, no sir , the file not included

Can you send me the apk link above link was not working

Can it be edited with BB2 ?

i don’t think so sir , cause i use BB 1.3.6

Can I change the times that the interstitial ads appear with the regular license (without the Buildbox file)?

Thank you. Looking forward to your modified project. This is my email: santadastudio@gmail.com

Ah, sorry I missed your last comment. It’s OK, i can handle the info screen. Thanks very much.

check you email sir :3

We have seen your app and we are interested in it but we want some to ask something, can we modify and update it as per our needs and resell to our customers? If so which license is required to do so?

You need extended version sir .. so i can gice u bbdoc file thqt you can modify it

Font name ? pls, and thank you

Font name Animated

google send me a warning… any update for libpng? Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability. ? how to fix this?

when Update my application on Google Play in Developer Console. I was asked for select content rating, and the ” Everyone ” option was disabled http://i.imgur.com/7pzjrYw.jpg ?

hello sir , i dont know about content rating , you should contact Google for that , cause i just update the Libpng file ….

hi give me your email thanks

you can email me from profile page sir thanks :D

i bought the source code 4 months before but now m facing the warning from Google about Lib Png can you please tell me how to update my lib PNG..


hello sir , i ll send you updated file . My connection got problem so i can’t send you right now , thanks :D

Hi Author.

My game really published on google play, but I’ve received a security alert “Your app is using a version of libpng containing a security vulnerability. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.

Affects APK version 1.”

Can you help me, plz?

Thank you so much

from here But another account

I want to buy it now, but Is it new update Libpng library ?

I havent update this file sir … i ll update soon

Hi, Plz what about Libpng probleme ? it is fixed ?

Hey, does the Libpng problem fixed? i want to buy the code

your welcome , thanks . i wish you happy with my items ;)

hey, im still getting that error from google about libping

hello my friend , please check your email again thanks