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is this a Xcode project or build box or unity 3d? can we change app game name inside the game ? is that a image or text ? How often interstitial ads are shown and can we change the frequency ?

For icon images replacing is quite simple. You make your own icon 1024×1024 pixel for iTunes Connect, and just resize and change with ours images in code leaving same name of icon image in .PNG file.

so i can change in Xcode right?

Yes. If you will need assistance please contact us.

does it work for ios 10?

Yes it work on iOS 10. Our game is submitted using Xcode 8 to be compatible with iOS 10.

yep thanks, how about the buildbox file? how much for that?

BuildBox file will be delivered upon purchase of Extended License. Please contact us through our Profile Page under Email Dulisa1.

Where do I rename the app?

Nvm, found it.

Sorry for not replying, time difference. If you will need more also please let us know how we can help.

really cool ! i wish you all the best for your sales :)

Thank you.

can I run it using xcode 7 ?

Hi, it can run in Xcode 7, but its made for Xcode 8 and iOS 10.

Nice game but this is BuildBox project, wish it developed by Obj-C. :(

Hi, sorry for that. We are here to assist you.

Is this a Swift or Objectiv-C project

If you will need more assistance please let us now.

Hi, can I change the app design in Xcode or in BuildBox

All images in game are in atlas file, you will receive .PSD file for all atlas file with Smart Object for easier reskin design process.

in the licence it says i can’t charge users for the end product? then what is the purpose of buying this? i want this to create a game and launch on app store. u can reply me on @gleancloud on twitter once you have commented ill come n see here.

It mean that you can not make paid app game with Regular License. Please refer to Regular and Extended Licenses description.

Can we change the game speed?

Game speed can be changed.

But where exactly. Which parameter on Xcode

By Envato and ours records you did not purchase our games here, so we can not assist you.

works on latest ios 11?

Game is working on latest IOS.

works on latest ios 11?

Game is working on latest IOS.