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Quick question regarding leader boards and achievements. For android, only the achievement id’s were required inside edit.Lua Is it the same for IOS edit.Lua: do we put achievement id’s only or the package name w/ i.d.? Thanks!!

for android leaderboards and achievements IDs are generated on developer site, for iOS you can name the IDs as you want but they must be unique across all IDs in apple store so it’s suggested to use package name for the part of the name of ID.

My app was just released to the app store but my IAP isn’t working. When I try to purchase it says transaction failed! The edit.Lua and my product ID’s match and are in approved status! Any Suggestions? Thanks!!

Beside the IAP (features) tab on iTunes connect, did you choose those IAP items when editing app information (tab where you upload screenshots)? Did you get IAP approval notification along with app approval like here? http://s30.postimg.org/6yjl663jl/image.png

Just wondering if there’s a fix with Interstitial ads. It’s delayed when you hit the reset button usually pops up during gameplay. Thanks!

Nothing can be done with that, the ad needs sometimes few seconds to load and show. You can try with ads.load() function after ads.show(..) so it will load the ad for the next time but it was bugged for me and ads didn’t show sometimes.

How do I set all this up?

I’m sorry but I have tried loading some images that was recommended by the document from graphicriver. I have tried deleting and pasting the Png files into the image folder and it just lags out the game. If their is anyway you could help please let me know.

You must use png images with the same name and size as those which I used. That means graphics from the pack need some modifications (resizing)

How would I go about animating the dragons in the store area?

You should investigate how it’s done in menu.lua. Look for “player_image.fill” variable

I got it to animate on the main menu.lua but in shop2.lua is where I am having trouble. Here is the code I’m seeing:

for i=1, max_chars do character[i] = display.newImage(“Images/char”.. i ..”a.png”) character[i].x = centerX character[i].y = centerY+60 character[i].xScale = 1.7 character[i].yScale = 1.7 group:insert(character[i]) end

Not sure how I would incorporate this code into that block above:

fill_timer = fill_timer + tDelta if fill_timer >= 120 then fill_timer = 0 end

if fill_timer >= 0 and fill_timer < 40 then player_image.fill = { type=”image”, filename=”Images/char”.. playerData.chosen2 .. “a.png” } elseif fill_timer >= 40 and fill_timer < 80 then player_image.fill = { type=”image”, filename=”Images/char”.. playerData.chosen2 .. “b.png” } elseif fill_timer >= 80 and fill_timer < 120 then player_image.fill = { type=”image”, filename=”Images/char”.. playerData.chosen2 .. “c.png” } elseif fill_timer >= 120 and fill_timer <= 160 then player_image.fill = { type=”image”, filename=”Images/char”.. playerData.chosen2 .. “d.png” } end

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

How do I get vungle enabled? I see there is the option for incentivized ad video watching for player resurrections in the code along with vungle variables but I’m not sure what exactly to change to get those ads going.

Also iAds is being discontinued as of June 30th so it might be time to swap that option out of this game and add another ad network in its place. Thanks again!

Vungle didn’t work properly for iOS during my tests so I disabled it. If you want to enable it anyway, there’s somewhere at the beginning of main.lua a variable which enables vungle.

I had the same problem with Vungle when I first purchased this game so I had to remove it from the plugins. Now it seems the plugin has been updated to work with the new Corona build.

I found the variable: adsVungle = false so I changed that to true. After compiling I got the error that Vungle didn’t have a valid “vungle_id” So I created that variable and entered my vungle application id in edit.lua but I’m still not seeing the Vungle ads. Any other suggestions on getting Vungle to work?

If you changed adsVungle = true and put vungle_id it should work from the “code” point of view. If the video ad is cached the resurrection button with vungle should appear. Did you try with “test” ads for vungle?

Hi, I changed the background to 6000 width. I have used an image with 6000 width but when starting the game, the image is not clear

check ur email

it seems that images larger than 3000 width become blurry – nothing can be done with that – it’s Corona sdk problem. What I suggest is to cut the background width to 2560 and change setBackground() function like this:

local scale = 2560/720
bg = display.newImage("Images/bg1.png")
bg.height = screenHeight
bg.width = screenHeight * scale
bg.x = centerX
bg.y = centerY
bg2 = display.newImage("Images/bg1.png")
bg2.height = screenHeight
bg2.width = screenHeight * scale
bg2.x = bg.x + bg2.width - 10
bg2.y = centerY
bg2.xScale = -1

i got stuck when tried upload, could you help pls?

i got stuck when tried upload, could you help pls?

What kind of problem do you have?

again like this game as well !! kindly let me know this after purchase can you gave me the ads free version ?

this is also universal app for both iphone and ipad

yes, all my games are universal

that’s great now going to purchase !! in an hour

Hello, I have purchased the extended license. I cannot make the apps pop up. after entering my Ad Unit ID, I do not see ads coming up. Not on the simulator, but also not on iOS device: iPod 6th gen, iOS version 11.0.3

The problem is with corona admob plugin. As soon as they update it I’ll make changes to all projects.

OKay when will that be ready?

Didn’t find any information regarding that, Corona team was supposed to do that previous month if I remember correctly.