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Very addictive game! GL :)

Thank you!

hello, I just bought your game.. I upload my website is working fine but did not work on my phone How to use mobil devices? Can I create apk for google play?

heyy, No answer here No answer my email very bad support

Hi and sorry for answering late,

Can you tell us your mobile’s model and the browser that you have used? And also try to load it’s preview on codecanyon and if it runs or not.

And about apk, it is difficult fro you to make one. But email us about it and we will try to give you more details there.

May be he is in a deffirent time zone :) Good luck with sale!

Thank you and as you said, we are in a different time zone! :D

Different time zone? :kiss: I think space time :kiss:

total waiting time: 20 hrs….

I answered your first comment! :)

Is it possible to translate the game to portuguese? I know there are really few words in the game, but it would be great have it in portuguese. Is it possible to do it changing some files?

Hi there,

Yes, it is possible. We will even give you the game’s project file whenever you purchase it. We are also going to update it soon.

And even if you faced any issues in doing so, we can help you or we can even implement the changes that you need for a price.