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Congrats! GLWS – DCSF

thank you very much ! good luck too

thank you very much ! good luck too

thank you very much ! good luck too

Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :-)

I was looking for something like that. I am very interested.

My question is whether it is possible to add a quick view, that is, when clicking on the image open a screen with more details. It is possible?

Thank you.

thank you for question. clicking on the image brings to products details. it is anywhere good options. I will worl on it

I have updated new version that and added in stock column. which shows the quantity available on each product as you mentioned. the linking to product page can managed by admin backend

Thanks for the update. For the perfect plugin just need to accept some quick view extension, so the user can click on the image and open a screen with more information about the product.

Thank you.

How customisable is this? Say I didn’t want the product images, I didn’t want it to link to the product page either, or the product desctiption (my product names say all you need) can I do this sort of thing? What is support speed like?

new version 1.1.0 has fully customizable backend settings . New version fully customziable backend settings the image, sku, attributes, descriptions, quantity, in stock, price columns can hided or shown. even show the link setting enabled that product linking show can managed by admin backend. Please the admin backend imaes on product details page.

Hi, I sent you an email just ago. Please check your email.

I have checked the email and send reply to you

How can I redirect to the checkout after add to cart, instead of the cart?


please see the file on this link wp-content\plugins\flance_add_multiple_products_order_form_woocommerce_pro\public\partials\html-calculas.php

please go to the line code 86-87 $cart_url = $woocommerce->cart->get_cart_url(); $html .= ‘window.location = ”’.$cart_url.’”;

there you can change the $cart_url it redirects to the cart page please put there desired link for redirection thanks for using my plugin

Hi I have updated to the version 1.1.2 which has the functionality to choose redirection link in plugin admin settings page, you should put url link for redirection page, select redirect to the link to Yes. Plugin now has functionality multiform products datas submission functionality with one click add to cart button


Great plugin, have we got IE11 support yet?

It appears to be an ES6 compatibility issue, issue also present on Safari 8

Is there going to be a fix for (ES6) IE11 and Safari 8? If not you need to update the ‘Compatible Browsers’ section for this plugin.

Hi friend! Nice plugin ;) I have a question, there is the possibility to filter products by search?

Thanks a lot! My best regards!

Hi There, The latest update no longer allows me to edit a page with your shortcode on it. When I go to edit a page it locks up with a white screen, this happens with all pages. Please help.

please send your site ftp and admin logins to my email tutyou1972@gmail.com.

I need to check your site backend. actually my plugins does not to do anything with pages admin backed edit . anyway please send logins

Just emailed you at the supplied email. Thank you

Thank You proga100. Problem fixed quickly and it works better than expected. Buy from this author great Plugin!!!

Hello, it seems your website is down? I asked question regarding variations not showing properly at page I linked, last week. Can you please replay?

my site is not down it works well. please recheck it. secondly, it seems to be you have wrong setup ofattributes in woocommerce

I am receiving, below message when try to click support button from this site:

"This site can’t be reached

flance.info took too long to respond. Search Google for flance info contact ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT”

also trying http://flance.info/ gives me same error.

As per email products are working just fine, I sent couple of links.

Can you be more specific, pls?

flance.info works well. the

The issues is that all variations are displayed as one

Hi Vladimir

the issue is fixed

Thank you. All works well now!

I have a problem. Although I have selected redirection to the link option, it does not redirect to the cart

Dear Stefaimg

Please contact me on tutyou1972@gmail.com with logins details. I will check and fix this issue as soon as possible


issue is fixed . please check the video https://youtu.be/TjGSTu-sE5s