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flagscounter.com hy i purchase for this domain,but can not install properly, plz help me….

Replied to your mail :)

Yes Its Work fine..Now On http://www.flagscounter.com/

are there any other formats avaiable – like 300×300?


Yes, you can customize the widget size by increasing or decreasing “Columns of Flags” & “Maximum Flags to Show” options.

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Hello, When you think to update your script? i mean user registration form and so on …

Ok, thanks for your response, but do you think to update ?

Unfortunately user registration not added to this script (Even on Update). It is completely a Free Flag Counter Widget Generator for your Site Visitors.

Only we planned some new features at widgets as suggested by buyers. It will be soon released.

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Ok, that’s good news, thank you very much

Or you are with the pro version?

Replied back to your mail…

Hi. whats the difference between buying this script and use it from http://www.counter.plus/ ?? Thanks


  • They using our script.
  • While purchasing here, you will get complete source of our script and you can provide free service to other and also earn money from advertisements.
  • You can also use it for personal sites and customize logo, brand name with yours.

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Do you offer any guidance how to install script on hosting?Thanks


1. Installation instructions are documented.

2. We also offer free installation service. Just contact us after purchase.

Just confirm with your hosting service they allow our minimum requirements: https://codecanyon.net/item/flag-counter-advance-visitors-counter/10955463#item-description__requirements

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bakhter Purchased

Dear Rainbowbalaji

Today i bought Flag Counter – Advance Visitors Counter

But now i have some issue, that when i click on Get your Flag Counter in below link is not working


can you please guide me



Just replied back to your mail.

Follow up on mail for further discussions.

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This comment is currently being reviewed.

1) Already i told clearly, “file_get_contents” is disabled on your server. Just you placed custom “php.ini” file at root directory. It can’t work on other folders. Either you need to enable at server configuration or place custom “php.ini” file at all directories.


2) First understand basic things and read minimum requirements before install. Just writing angry comments can’t solve anything.

3) We don’t keep any unsatisfied customers. If you don’t like the script. Better request refund and get immediately. Don’t waste my time.

Messaging on your script needs improvement. The hosting account met the requirements. The problem was with your message claiming that my purchases was not legit.

Such messages can be really frustrating. I’d recommend you do a better job with error messages and provide better requirement check by the script, before popping out claims on purchase ID. Or at least write a better documentation explaining your script requirements. And the need of adding php.ini to EVERY folder in order for the script to work.

*3) “Don’t waste my time” – is an excellent example of your efforts not to keep unsatisfied customers. For someone who benefits from paid support it sounds really funny.

I’m not rating your script yet, because the rating is mostly for quality of code, which I haven’t yet checked, but I definitely recommend rethinking your priorities in customer service. :)

P.S. thanks for fixing the instalation

Hi Author,

Is this plugin work with wordpress? Please reply.

Thank you.


Script can’t work on WordPress! It is standalone PHP Script. But you can generate widget code and use it on any site.

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how do I know which website to use the code.


Flag Counter just a image widget. So you can’t retrieve such information’s.

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Hello, can you please answer to my question over mail support? Loop install, not finishing?


I already replied back to your mail.

Send your FTP Access, Database Details and License Key (Item Purchase Code). I will install the script.

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Mail sent with all required info.

Well done, nice job!


abaol Purchased

Hi, there is a problem the cache does not let the image update visits or flags, you could modify it. Switch to html mode and not image.


You can make “No-Cache” header to prevent caching.

Contact to my support for more information: https://codecanyon.net/item/flag-counter-advance-visitors-counter/10955463/support

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herbasd Purchased

Today I buy it, But Purchase Code not working :( pls help)


Contact us with your item purchase code:

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