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can be have randomized questions ? if reset the game it is always starts with the same sequence:argentina, belgium, brazil …

Do you mean by clicking the reset button ?

Thaks for fast replay

yes every time clicking the reset button the game starts with the same sequence argentina, belgium, brazil … can be have randomized ?

Yeah that’s what the button is for , to enable the player to reset the game when he finishes all the levels. And Unfortunately I can’t make it random.

Does it include IAP for purchasing coins?

No it doesn’t.

No me sirve el código al intentar ejecutarlo me dice esto:

Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)

Podemos mirar el index.html, pero antes debe pasar todos los tests de esta web:

Pero muestra un error:

Error: A meta element with an http-equiv attribute whose value is X-UA-Compatible must have a content attribute with the value IE=edge.

Podría facilitarme un código que no tenga ese problema?

Necesito uno que sea w3c compatible.

Muchas Gracias

Ahí no puedo enviarte un Screenshot con error

This error is normal.
I told you before, you can’t execute the game from your computer by clicking on index.html.
you have to put it in a website first.
Send me the screenshot of the mobincube website, what do you have there ? not on your computer.

Hola! he subido todos los archivos a internet, en este sitio., y sigue sin funcionar…

Did you upload all the archive ? Even the folder “images” ? and “media” ?

Está todo cargado dentro de una carpeta. Otra cosa, tienes algún juego que pueda funcionar offline?

Please let’s continue the conversation by email, send me a message here:


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can I change image and change text?

Yes you can change the text (questions and answers) and you can change the images (the flag balls).


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I am trying to replace the audio with my own , how sounds are set up in this project I am not familiar with this method.. Having fun with eveything else though

To replace audio files inside Construct2:
1-Go to the project panel then find the “Sounds” folder (usually at the bottom)
2- Delete the sound you want to replace (both .ogg and m4a)
3- Click-right on the “Sounds” folder icon and click “import Sounds”.
4-Choose the new sound. it should have the same filename as the one you just deleted and it should be in both .ogg and .m4a format. (if you have it in another format, use the “” utility to convert)
5-After replacing the sound, sometimes you might need to close and open the project for the changes to be applied, otherwise you wont notice the changes when you run the project in the browser.


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okay awesome….. can I add a new sound? and what if say I want to add a background music on start and when I hit mute, the background music will also be muted? ...

You can do it too, but you will need to add a bit of code, so Construct2 knowledge is necessary.


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Hi is it possible I can have more than one languages in this game? by duplicating the language file

Hi, Unfortunately that’s not possible.


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Okay np


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Okay one more thing… one or two times the box and the text to enter into the box gets really tiny.. you have any idea why?

It gets tiny when the word is long ?


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yeah around 10 words.. but havent got over the limit and made all images doest exceed 264×264

The boxes to be filled get tiny when the word is too long, because there isn’t much space. If this is not what you are talking about, please attach a screenshot.


I created apk using intel xdk but when I play it on my phone it’s always black screen. Do you know how to resolve the trouble?