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Hi Can you please send me some Links of people who have used ur plugin in their a website…

I want to create a simple fixture and results page like http://www.goalzz.com/main.aspx?c=9350

This plugin is interesting but I’d be slow to pay for it given there is a no refund policy and there seems to be a lot of complaints about it not working properly. Also no demo available? Even just a front end demo wouldn’t be too difficult to get up?

The refund policy is governed by Envato.

I will add a set of screenshots, and maybe a video of the plugin in a couple of days.

What do you intend to use the plugin for?

Hoping to use it for a GAA club site to show upcoming fixtures and results.

I still did not have time to make some screenshots, maybe today. Are you from Ireland? Dublin?


Is it possible to see an example of the outcome of the widget for this plugin? I am searching for a neat fixture-widget but still haven’t found what I am looking for, and I cound’t find any screenshot of the outcome of this widget. Love your LiveScore-widget, btw! :)

Regards Jonas

Perfect! I´ve been searching for this a long time, so if the quality is like the LiveScore, then I know it´s great :)

Here’s an article on my site with fresh screenshots, real data and a client site:


Great! Thanks!! :)

I can’t get the results shortcode to work. Hopefully you can get this resolved as I’ve input a lot of information into the plugin, but without the ability to display the results it’s useless.

If we can get that working it looks like a very good plugin.


It’s working for me (on my dev server) so I suppose it might be either a theme conflict or a server issue. Can you contact me via email and send me the WordPress admin credentials?

Email sent

Working on it.

translation is very boring… no po/mo. Hope for them in a new update (maybe)

Next update will have translatable strings (po/mo files). I’ll have an update Monday, next week.

Great. What about players, stadiums, staff, tables? Btw. your plugin would find more customers, if there would be a real demo with frontend demonstration ;)

Updated for WordPress 4.0!

= 2.0 =

  • Added maintenance/clean up buttons (duplicate players, empty URLs)
  • Added missing notification styles
  • Added native WordPress icons (Dashicons)
  • Added dynamic pagination for fixtures and results
  • Changed Twitter button to use HTTPS protocol and the new /intent/ URL
  • Changed all backend screens to use native WordPress styles
  • Changed input fields to use HTML5 types (url, number)
  • Removed deprecated form validation and replaced it with HTML5 native validation
  • Players are now unique, no more duplicate player names
  • Minified CSS styles
  • Cleaned up old editor button JS

Mayo will never win!

Also, nice plugin.

Haha, thank you!

I want to create tables for golf scoring, is that possible, its basically a table with player names and then hole wise score and then a temporary total result half way through after 9 holes. I need the players to have their names written linked to their wordpress user profiles.

No, unfortunately it’s not possible with this plugin.

Hi, I bought you fixtures and results plugin in november. I am just wondering is there a way to display fixtures dependent on competition? Also is there a way to change the color of the jerseys to green?


There is no way to display fixtures dependent on competition. You can change the image files for jerseys with different colours. Right now they are hardcoded. Can I see a sample of your jerseys? I may be able to squeeze a new set of images, the plugin is pending an update anyway.

Hi, the shortcodes don’t seem to be working on my site now. They were displaying the information but have stopped.

Got it, it was a shortcode issue not being compatible with WordPress 4.4.0.

Hi, How do I remedy the issue on the site?

Contact me via email – getbutterfly [at] gmail [dot] com – so I can send you the fixed version before going live on CodeCanyon.


vj2k Purchased

Hi, Am trying to use this for an archived Water Polo Tournament, It is a round Robin + Play off structure. Unfortunately I am unable to fathom on what to do as I do not have a home team. My results page shows only one page and this does not help.

Can this be done with this plugin else can I request for a refund for this and look at Livescore as an option


Try to add a generic home team. It doesn’t have to be real.

hi i was looking for that plugin but after reading comment i wanna know is it working with new wordpress update and any video or demo of the plugin?

It is working with the latest WordPress. There is no video, check the demo/client site.

Hi – wondering do you have any plans to Integrate the GAA Servasport system with your Fixtures and Results plugin – thanks

Hi Paula,

No, I don’t have any plans, unless someone helps with coding it and I can integrate it. Can you give me more details about Servasport?

Whats your email address and i can send you on the details ! I also have a few questions about plugin. I would like to add future fixtures – that don’t have a date set – whats best way to do that ?? Thanks

Hi Paula, check out the support form here – https://getbutterfly.com/support/

Good question about no date fixtures, I’ll look into it.