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Awesome work! :)

Exellent work my friend!!! Wish you happy sales :)

Thanks, but sale is poor for now.

Hi, does it responsicve ready? Your demo site looks not ready yet

Demo site is not responsive beacouse Fixoli for smaller screens should be only turned off. It has one attribute – min_width and if window is smaller than min_width it will turn off its bindings.Fixoli manage columns fixed behavior, for mobile devices you must defined when columns are needed and when you rearrange them to mobile.

So in conclusion – fixoli can be turned off on defined min_width but how you change your page is not in fixoli role.

One thing more – in package you will get example with bootsrap columns and using min_width attribute.

Hi! I dont have clear how to set a margin when the element set to fixed position. I have something like this:

$(’#row’).fixoli({ fixed_margin:{top:10,bottom:0} });

Is this correct?

Can you add an option to add a class when element go detach/fixed?

Great work by the way! Regards.

Hi, try top:10px, if it does not work contact me again.

Script stops working when the parent div has css properties “overflow:auto”. Have any ideas?

Hi script is connected with it css and it is not independent from the environment. It counts many things and browser give different numbers in different css environment. Overflow auto probably blocks its propare calculating. Try use different css without overflow auto.

Hi, how to use this script with jquery 1.11.2? it’s not working if use jquery 1.11.2, because wordpress use jquery version 1.11.2

hi please check your browser console and copy error

Can i add a sidebar inside a column?

Please explain exactly what you want to do.

Awesome work! Good luck with sales