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Hi, I want to link a button. But link should open in SAME WINDOW (_self) – not new window. How can I do this? Thank you!!

Hey imageforyou,

and thanks for your comment. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. However I will update the plugin today so that this is possible.

Hope this helps.

That’s great – look forward to it! Thank you.

Got it! Thank you for your help! Now it works fine.

Hi, when I re-order the Social Buttons the colour of second button changes from red to blue! When I reset the order, then colour is red again. Also when I set css code: border-radius: 7px; the colour turns back to blue. Can you help me? Thank you.

.. solved the problem with: background-color: #dd3333;

Hey there again,

great to hear that you solved this yourself. If you have any other issues, please don’t hesitate to contact me again ;)

Hi, my client needs a “hover tooltip” for contact-social-button. He wants to show his phone numer by mouseover. Is this possible?

Thank you!

Hey imageforyou,

to keep it short: no. This is currently not possible with the plugin.

Hope this helps.

Hi, I wanted to know whether we can place the buttons at the end or at the top of a post?

Hey Ayush2B, and “happy new year”! ;) Thanks for your comment.

Just take a look a the screenshots. One shows the option that allows you to put the buttons right at the end of a post.

Hope this helps.

The icons doesn’t appear. I see only a empty square.

Hello all css files don’t have ?-dthwwd. and don’t works

I added custom icons but the color of box was changed in blue for all

Hey cristiantimar,

and thanks for going back again. I guess there are several problems on your site.

First: As I told you in my first reply: you have to remove that ?-dthwwd from every URL in the file: /wp-content/plugins/fixed-social-share-buttons/assets/css/wpbfsb-frontend-icons.css. It seems that your server can’t load it (getting error 404).

Second: it seems that the icon font size is 0. Go to the settings page of the plugin (click here – you must be logged) and set the general size of the buttons. Than save your settings.

If this does not work. Please go back to me using my support form.


My problem is not important? I pay for this plugin

Hey christiantimar, sorry for my late response. I’ve answered your question here.

Many greetings

Hi support! Great plugin :) I just have one small issue, the add new section doesn’t show the red cross for deselecting the font. Maybe you have a quick solution in this one! Cheers

Resolved :)

Hey LinaDesign, great that you worked that out yourself. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me again.

Many Greetings

Quick pre purchase question. Does this have an email icon available? I’d like in my fixed social share bar for their to be an icon for people to click to email or contact me?

Also…Is there a way to have the social icons on the left instead of the right?

Hey natashasolae, and thanks for your comment. Here are your answer:

1. Currently there is no E-Mail icon. However you can build a button yourself very easy. Here is how you can do that.

2. As you may see on the screenshot you can decide if you want to display the icons on the right, on the left, on the bottom, on the top or after the content.

Hope this helps.

Okay scratch my other questions. I purchased and installed. The problem I have is when I click the icons, nothing happens…is their a part I am missing?

Hey natashasolae, and thanks for your comment again. It seems that the “onClick” events get stripped out maybe from another plugin and/or your theme. Can you deactivate all plugins and check again if it works?

Many greetings

Yes you’re right. I deactivated my theme. It appears that it may be a double jquery issue as the person that designed my theme hard copied jquery into the header. Hmm…

Yes, it seems that there are several JavaScript errors maybe caused by another plugin and/or the theme. Note that JavaScript files should not be included directly in the header. If your theme is doing that, please notify the theme author. JavaScript files should be included using the wp_enqueue_script() function.

Hope this helps.

not really a live feature of this plugin? what´s going on dude! ;)

Hey happydismissed, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly what you mean… ;)

i only the share buttons on the right.. no more features of live pgluin preview.. only text, text, text,text… show me the functions and different actions of socail sharing buttons LIVE…

that´s what i mean ;)

i check the box to only show on the home page and front page but it doesn’t show up. the rest of my internal pages are member only so thehome page is the only place i need to show…any idea why it’s not working?

Hey cerebralyawn, and thanks for your comment.

I’ve just re-checked this issue and for me it works well. So I think it has something to do maybe with a plugin and/or theme.
  • Can you tell me what theme you’re currently using? Is it a free or a paid one? If it’s free, can you tell me where I can download it?
  • Do you use any kind of page builder for your home page? If yes, which one is it?
  • Did you select a special page in Dashboard > Settings > Reading > Front page displays?

Thanks and many greetings

I placed a support ticket in at the beginning of the week for a problem with the share counts not showing. Can someone please get back to me . Thanks

any body there ?

Hey jrucker, sorry for my very late response.

I will have a deeper look into that today.


Unfortunately there was a buck in the Facebook count script. I’ve updated the plugin now. You should get it immediately if you’ve entered your purchase code on the settings page. Otherwise CodeCanyon will provide it as soon as it’s through the preview.

Hope this helps.

Quick questions. Can I place the buttons on the left of the screen instead of the right? For both normal and mobile view?

Quick answer: yes, you can! ;)

:-D Thanks for the quick reply LOL

Does your plugin use Admin-Ajax like easy social share buttons ? Because easy social share use Admin-Ajax and make every website slower ! It causes incredible server CPU load !

Hey alentino321, no, this plugin does not use any JavaScripts (and therefore no AJAX-calls) in the fronted.


Hey Maybe this is a bug or something idk I put this in the “OnClick Event” box: javascript:void(window.open(‘https://www.facebook.com/sharer/sharer.php?text=$site_title $site_url’, ‘Facebook’, ‘width=630,height=650,scrollbars=yes’)); and when I click the Facebook share icon it doesn’t bring me to a facebook share page right away. First, I need to click a “share” button then it brings me to the facebook share page. I even tested it with different browser dimensions. Can you check it out please Thanks

Hey turhan99, and thanks for your mail. I hope you’re doing well today.

Unfortunately I don’t get what should be wrong. The intention of the plugin is to open a popup so that the user can share the link there. As described on the plugins page, this is because of the privacy protection (no data is loaded from Facebook prior the user clicks on the button).

If the plugin does not what I’ve described above, please go back to me maybe by sharing your website address so that I can check it myself.