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Hi. can you add the function registration user and user add repair?


palhaca Purchased

when its the next update coming?

Hi, im tryin got install based on your documentation provide. But i kept unable to view the login page. It said i dont have access, internal error and etc. please advise, tq

Puedes instalar la opción de envío de SMS vía Infobip?


zoxee Purchased

Hey. I would recommend that you issue a copyright claim to codecanyon, someone is plagiarizing your script in case you didn’t know. He stole a lot of code and just repackaged the whole thing

I have already made SS of his and your “add repair” screens and sent them to envato. I also recommend everyone who purchased from Luigi does the same in all fairness to him. Thanks.

is not the same is Laravel , scripts are different , i have both of them


palhaca Purchased

its been to long without updates


xbloody Purchased

hi, anyone know how to filter the repair status with checkboxes in the home view?!?

any working demo website ?

How to Change Status To be deliver to Job done! ready to deliver Please Help Me its importent for Me Thanks,Ajam

i want a refund, but in the form of envato it not appear fixbook how can i get it, im very unsatisfied.

How to Change Status To be deliver to Job done! ready to deliver

Hi! I bought this code today, and i had an issue with a blank screen only. I managed to find out that it was the .htaccess file that was wrong. (I replaced it with an old one that i found on google, now it works) Could you fix that please in next update? And my bigest problem is that i CAN NOT change the language from italian to english. I try to save but nothing hapens, the page just reloads and the italian is still there…

and when i try to add an new service i get thiss message (Codice inesistente)

Fixed this issue. Tip for users: Remove the first line of the .htaccess file if you have problem with blank screen.


nicks89 Purchased

hi Luigi, i just bought the app and saw that there is no french translation. i am happy to do it for you if you tell me how to do it? ps, i am not a programmer myself, just happy to contribute

Hi Luigi, nice implementation. One question though… Selected Greek language from settings and most Greek characters ex. Name and Surname of a client, come out as ???. Any suggestions ?

Twilio issue. I can not configure Twilio. I opened up an account and payed for mesages. I have configured the settings in the “settings/TXT” but I can not make it work. I get only error message. Please can somebody help me with this? mail:

Fixed this issute. It was a problem with Twilio, not Fixbook (you need to buy a number from twilio to be able to send and recive SMS)


djtimo80 Purchased

Hello, I can not send mail and sms. Can you help me ?

Pre-buy questions. Hi, I like your script and I notice you support Greek language, I also read some problems, with font characters here in comments, so in the last version that problem solved? Thank you

I cant test it on your demo.

I cant test it on your demo.