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Hello, Can you add or make a german version?


Good morning. When you will contact me? I purchage and I have support for 5 months. I wait your response.

Hello add a Russian Version, a have This script. Good product !

I have one more question and you can add multiple users to work let’s say I have 7 workshops and 15 working

Hi Luigi,

I’ve just purchased your script and wanting to know what I have to add into the .htaccess as I’m getting an issue.

To continue the installation you have to switch on the PHP module ‘mod_rewrite’.

Many Thanks Abdul R Akhtar

Try also to complete the installation, in which case please contact your hosting provider and ask to enable the rewrite module. have a nice day

I am struggling to upload onto my wordpress site? Do you have an installation guide?


You can’t use it inside your wordpress website, you can upload it separately. Follow the documentation

hi , please help me emails and sms notification working for me , my pruchase code is c761de27-02c7-4cd4-9b19-c47a0b0b98e3

Have you an correcly SMTP and SMS service configuration?

Hi Luigi,


You don’t answer on the questions customers had write to you. It is about 1 month you last have answer on the last question. And you offer support, with a response time on, up to 5 days. Which is not good customers service.

Luigi! – Answer on the customers questions, they had pay for the support. Otherwise refund money that people have paid and offer the program “Fixbook” for free. Since you not offer the support, you should. As a lot of pepole have pay for.

You have not answered on my questions yet, as I have asked. For over 2 months ago!!!

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Hi, great program, but quick question – what do you mean with “Panel URL”? I have domain hosting with CrazyDomains here in Australia, and perhaps it’s just me but I’m not entirely sure what you mean… Is this the URL to the Cpanel, or am I missing something?

Something else, sorry… I’ve installed it on another server and the whole program basically works… except: 1 – I’ve enabled automatic email sending and entered my SMTP details, but it doesn’t actually send the emails – why not?

2 – I’ve purchased Twilio credit and I can send sms from the customer order but it doesn’t send automatic sms when the order is updated – something that’s really important to me.

Could you please give me some idea what I’m doing wrong here? Thank you!

Ciao Luigi, ho acquistato 42fcfc25-ef37-437b-bd24-d4177018cdc8 – 14 Nov 2016. I installed this software without problem. All works fine but I cannot send email. SMTP config is correct but no mail was sent after change state. You are using SendMail daemon in your code and this works fine on my servers… There is some way to test this connection?

i bought fix book tool ,i have problem to setup. i install software on my hosting,but i am getting error ( A Database Error Occurred

Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

Filename: controllers/Home.php

Line Number: 21 )

it’s my domain name ( please tell me how to sort out this problem.thanks

Hello! I have a purchase cod,but dont work. Can you tell my why? Thank you verry much!

Hi! How can I try the Live preview? The login isn’t working. Thanks

hi, progress bar is not working properly please have a look attached link and suggest for solution

It ask to switch on the PHP module ‘mod_rewrite’. I contacted my hosting provider and they said the module mod rewrite is on my default. they tried verifying and ended up saying to contact author for information.