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i can translate for potuguese?


drdrone Purchased

Hi, when I try to install the template I get the following error message,

Please make the application/config/database.php file writable. Example:

chmod 777 application/config/database.php

I made all the changes of the file permissions, but the problem still exists, what should I do

Thank you.

Good friend, this Script has an installation manual? Or some tutorial? Thank you

Salve Luigi. Voleva farti una domanda. Nell momento che io faccio l’aquisto dell tool come mi sara servito. Sara pronto imediatamente e posso fare dei cambiamenti sulla lingua. Grazie

Hi, I have problem with the script.. I used RTL option in the settings and translated all the system and everything good except 1 thing: when I write first and last name in customer area in Hebrew, after saving it’s shows ?? (first) ?? (last) Instead of displaying the name in hebrew..

How can i fix this please?


tato165 Purchased

run on xamp and godaddy hositing … this error .., read coments apply password in database for myslq xamp problem persist help … 404 Page Not Found The page you requested was not found.

How to Change Status To be deliver to Job done! ready to deliver

demo please

Luigi! 500 Internal Server Error drives me crazy !!! how to fix ??

Ciao Luigi ho un problema con Fixbook provo ad installarlo su qualsiasi server ma ho sempre il errore 500

cortesemete puoi dirmi cosa fare ??


Thank you for a nice script! Is it possible to customize the design of the invoice and the repport? If so, where can i do it?

Kind regards from Sweden!

Ciao , è possibile avere un importazione ? genero i file da un altro programma e li importo in questo ?

Ciao Luigi, di recente ho trovato il tuo tool e sembra molto carino…ma dopo installato mi dice di cancellare la casella Install…una volta cancellata mi porta sulla pagina dove inserire il codice dalla riparazione ma non vedo dove fare il login per creare i lavori…grazie saluto Gonzalo

I am really interested in your application, but I would like to know if it is possible to add a module for sales? a POS. Is a development possible? I would buy it.

Is it possible to use QR code for each client?

Hi there, I have few issues, I have added you on Skype waiting for you for thoses issues :

1. mail are not sent, with or without smtp 2. the numbers of repairs and numbers of orders are always 0 3. I cant login using Chrome 4. when you save a new repair or a new order, it takes 15 secondes to validate it

Hope you can fix that and thanks for your nice script !

Why do not you support this script? Why has not there been an update for so long?

Will you add the ability to add other users to the system? So that everyone can see only their repairs.

I detected a lot of errors. Will this script support PHP 7.0?

hy. i have de 500 error when i install the script. what can i do?


necommpl Purchased

Hello, i got a problem with your fixbook, there is no login button screen:


necommpl Purchased

“CUSTOMIZE THE TEXT THAT IS SENT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS VIA SMS” doesnt work, can’t send email with subject