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want to add rating widget to our wordpress post with review option , at http://scrappur.com will your plugin support this

Hiya Wptit! Yes, Five Star Rating Widget can support posts. :)
This includes both rating and reviews.

Hi, can a user provide a rating without leaving a review?

OK, you need to make it clear that this plugin requires the Titan Framework plugin as well!

Hi there! And yes, you can either just rate only, review only or have both at the same time.

And apologies, we’ll make sure to add it in the description as well. On the otherhand, Titan Framework is a free plugin we use to make the Five Star Rating Widget menus and options appear. :)

Hello i`m using easy digital downloads with Frontend Submissions plugin. Does this review plugin replace the wordpress comment function? Because i`m using the the EDD Review plugin, but this plugin replace the comment function and it`s set to only users who have purchased the item can review+comment, and users who have not purchased the item can not even comment becuase the review plugin replaces the comment function. So i need a review plugin which does not replace the origial wordpress comment function. Hope i get soon a answer. Thanks in advance

Hi there! Yes, this plugin replaces the WordPress comment function. But this is only specifically on which Page/Post/Custom Type it was activated. In case of your EDD plugin, if you don’t want users to review using FSRRW, you need to go on your FSRRW Settings and under Post Types tab, uncheck the Download post type. This should remove FSRRW in EDD pages.

On the otherhand, if you want to enable FSRRW’s rating and review capabilities for non-customers you can go to the General Options and uncheck the Allow only buyers to rate. If unchecked, it will determine privileges based on whether Anyone Can Vote..

Do you have this same program for websites via HTML like GoDaddy?

Hi there! The Five Star Rating and Review Widget is only available for WordPress.

Hi, Pre purchase question… Can we add captcha in rating form?


Currently, we don’t have a Captcha. But you can only rate one time per IP Address.

I putchased this plugin but it does not work. can’t activate or delete “failed to open stream: No such file or directory in ???” please advice. I have successfully installed and used several plugin so dont think its user error. please advise. thanks

I’m requesting a refund please…this plugin does not work with my theme (msg: are you sure you want to do this…please try again) it does not activate.

Gambit…i tried to submit a support ticket however i am getting a purchase code incorrect even though i copy and paste it directly from the invoice. Do i need to go viral that this is a ripoff…i need a response…thx

Hello there! My apologies for the late response due to influx of tickets. There are times where installation of plugin gets suddenly interrupted which causes corruption. You might want to try to deleted the plugin via FTP before installing it again. If this still doesn’t work, please send us an e-mail.

As for the Support System, this should normally work, but if you’re still getting more problems, you can also send us an e-mail via support@gambit.ph

Hi there, How do you delete reviews? And is there a way to approve before it posts to the site?

Reviews can be deleted when you edit a post. There will be a list of ratings and post that you can delete.

About the toolset types, can you show us a sample of this one? This way we get more ideas on how is this behavior even happening.

On side note, you can turn on/off reviews or make the widget only appear on certain post types.

1) Excellent, the reviews list works in our custom post type, and can delete them.

2) This is our test website where the reviews are appearing below each custom post excerpt (view created by toolset views) http://smartcaravans.com/caravan-parks/ The sort code for showing the 5 star rating total is working great, but even when I remove the short code it still displays a list of reviews below each excerpt in the loop. If I can stop this from showing the reviews that would be perfect.

By any chance, is the Toolset Type CPT is the place where you want the Five Star Rating Widget? Because if not, then you can simply just uncheck the Custom Post Type to make the rating and review disappear. Alternatively, you can hide the review and only show the ratings. But this will also depend on the exact setting you want to have.

pre-sale questions:

1. Is it possible to have the review option, for users, automatically appear at the bottom of the post, every time?

2. Is it possible to make it so only registered users are able to vote and review.

3. Will they still be able to review and vote, if I disable the “add a comment” option, because I don’t want to have comments + reviews, I just want the starts + review at the end of every post.

Hi there! About your questions:

1) Do you mean that a user’s review will stay at the top post when they view the page? Currently, the sorting of reviews is from the Newest or from the one with Highest rating. If this isn’t what you mean, please do explain it to us more.

2) Yes. This is possible. :)

3) They can still add ratings and reviews even if the comments are disabled.

is this plugin can be used with property/real estate plugin/theme to review the agent/seller instead of the property/products ?

Is the property/real estate plugin uses a Custom Post Type? If it is, then this should also work. :)

Friend it works in a PHP script ready?

Hello denerribeiro! :) Do you mean if PopTrends work as standalone PHP script? Currently, PopTrends is only available as WordPress plugin.

very nice!

Thank you! :)

Hello, I purchased your Plugin today, I install it but I can’t activate it. We are using wordpress 4.7.

Hello there! Have you downloaded the uploadable WordPress zip or the whole files and documentation? Please refer to our documentations for guide on installation: http://gambit.helpscoutdocs.com/article/49-plugin-installation

If you’re still having problems with the installation, we advice you to file a ticket in our Support Site.