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Its a pre-sale question. I’ve a woocommerce store. All products have reviews. If I use this plugin then does it show those reviews and will count them? I import products from aliexpress.com and the plugin also import aliexpress product reviews. Does it support those reviews imported from aliexpress as those reviews work normally in woocommerce system.

Hello faheeahmed! :) Sorry, but Five-Star Rating and Review Widget doesn’t integrate the ratings and reviews coming from an another plugin. This is also pretty much the same with other rating and review plugins.

Ok and what about the ratings a store already has. Does your plugin even not integrate with those ratings that I already had in my woocommerce store.

The plugin doesn’t store comments or ratings coming from other plugins. When you activate the FSRRW with WooCommerce, it will temporarily hide the WooCommerce reviews so that people wouldn’t be confused on where to add their rating. The FSRRW will add an extra tab beside the WooCommerce product description. :)

Hello, I have purchased and installed the plugin, but nothing appears on my posts. How do I activate the rating comment system? I can’t find settings for the plugin, I’m lost.. Thank you

Hi! The current version can only support 5 stars. :)

As for the test comments on review, this shouldn’t happen unless you haven’t entered a review in the field. But since you’ve mentioned that you entered a test review, then this might be a problem. By then, we kindly advise you to file a ticket to our Support Site at: http://support.gambit.ph/

It will be very helpful if you can provide us samples or possibly a login so we can check your site and see the causes. Thanks!

Thank you, I just submitted

You’re welcome! Just letting you know that we sent you a reply as well. :)

Hi, I have some pre-sale questions as I can’t try out the demo which is saying I don’t have the correct permissions to update the WooCommerce plugin.

1. I’d like to know how the author ratings look different from the visitor ratings. Is it possible to make them distinguishable by color, like one in the red and the other in the yellow? If not, what’s my options?

2. How does this plugin affect rating feature by WooCommerce? Will I get multiple rating features or should I turn it off or does this plugin override?

3. Can visitor still sort products by average ratings made via this plugin? Or do you provide any widget that allows filtering products by rating?


Hi there! Thanks for checking out on our plugin!

1. Author and Visitor ratings are using the same style of icons. But there’s a way to distinguish between user and author reviews: both of them have labels which can be changed via settings. :)

2. You can only have 1 rating system in the WooCommerce. You can choose between having the Five-Star Rating Widget or the WooCommerce plugin on this one. There’s an option to enable/disable Five-Star Rating Widget in the products post type in case you rather have the new rating system or the default WooCommerce rating system.

3. The products still depend on the default way of how it was sorted unless the theme have changed the behavior of how the products and post types are sorted. :)

I have some questions 1) Can I authorize only registered members to rate? 2) If yes, The review can be anonymous? (Registered user, but with no names of user) 3) Can I add more fields (such as City:) 4) Can I reset the rating without having to delete comments?(For exemple, each year I want to reset the stars, but I don’t want to delete old comments)

I think for now is that

Thank you

Hello David! With regards to your questions:
1) Yes, you can set the Five Star Review and Rating Widget to allow only registered users or allow to all.
2) Registered users will automatically show the username they specified in the site.
3) Sorry, but we only specify either WordPress username or name and e-mail for reviews.
4. Ratings and Reviews can be deleted one by one in their respective page/post/post type. There will be an additional tab for FSRRW to do it so.

Please let us know if you have any other question. :)

Can I make it possible so users can rate/review other users?

This will entirely depend on how do you create users. The best approach on this is to let your site store your user details as a Custom Post Type.

In general, our plugin should add rating and reviews in a Page/Post or Post Type depending on which of them you choose. :)


Do these reviews also work with rich snippets?

Hi there! Review renders texts as it is, this doesn’t render the HTML tags. :)

I’ve come across demos on themeforest and codecanyon that appear to have been created to warn people against buying a product, but yours truly takes the biscuit.

What is the point of a ratings/review plugin that doesn’t allow people to look at the reviews? Because not one of your demos has a link that allows you to look at anything other than the stars.

One of your ‘demos’ doesn’t even have any ratings to see.

Seriously, if the demo is a reflection of the quality of your plugin and your inability or unwillingness to test things (basic things like ‘does my demo work’) then it should come with a health warning.