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Hey, Great app I published mine on the app store successfully but Im getting messages saying people keep getting 4 letter words with a period (.) and that words keep repeating themselves over and over again. Any way to fix these issues? I noticed some 4 letter words in the word list I removed them but Im still getting 4 letter words? They aren’t even words they are just random letters like I just got one H R D C .

How many words do you have into your .plist file? The app uses a random function to get random values for words, if they are a less than 100, it may happen to get a word called more than once from the random function in iOS.

I have 207 words.

Ok, anyway we cannot control a random function because it’s just a basic core iOS function, in poor words: the system “decides” what value/word to pick up, randomly, with the basic core function called arc4random().

Isn’t there some way or formula we can put into place to ensure that the same word is picked only once until all other words have been used up? Can’t you change the arc4random() into something else whereby it remains random enough or perhaps another option where it actually goes one by one. It’s actually easier to setup a list which goes one by one rather than random since as the host developer / game host – there’s nothing wrong with us knowing the list as long as the customer / gamer does not? I am asking this because I was about to buy the game/app before I read this last issue with lukemul69 and I think it’s genuine enough. I would have hated if the game suddenly spit the same word repeatedly and random thrice in a row.

We’re off until Jan 2nd 2016, so we can’t offer support, anyway the User Guide attached to the package explains what you have to do and how to customize the game timer, words, etc. You need the latest version of XCode and this game is compatible with iOS8.x and above.

Last question can the fiver be changed to a “four”, “sixer” or something else or is it limited to just 5. Thanks for your almost instant replies! Appreciated. Enjoy your long weekend :)

It is limited to 5-letter words. Cheers!

Possible to alter the code so it would allow for more random number of letters? So you could have a 3 letter word, 4 letter word, 5 letter word ,etc?

That would require a lot of work, from the code to the UI, you may do that if you’re an experienced developer, we have no plans to edit this game with words different than 5-letter ones. Cheers!

That would require a lot of work, from the code to the UI, you may do that if you’re an experienced developer, we have no plans to edit this game with words different than 5-letter ones. Cheers!


What is the ipa size for app store? I am getting export with 30+mb. Is there something wrong?

for iOS apps it can be even 1 GB, don’t worry for the size of your ipa ;)

I have this problem(s) with the #selector – what to do? It’s in gameboard.swift and it’s Xcode 7.2.1 :(

simply update your Xcode to 7.3, use always the latest version of Xcode

Thank you for very quick answer! Have a nice day :-)

you too, happy easter and don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page ;)

Does this code work with the iPhone 6?

When I lose I try to enter the word “TAMES” but it doesn’t register. And as you can see in the second video and the plist file the word is there

That’s because you’re not allowed to place more than 3 words in a row, it’s how the code has been written, it supports up to 3 different anagrams/row in the .plist file. We suggest you to remove all the words that can make more than 3 anagrams so the players will not experience such issue.

support arabic like wordyz app?

no i mean arabic letters not rtl

no, i mean arabic letters not rtl

Oh then yes, you can set those characters, just find the right font that supports them (the one in the demo app is not compatible with arabic fonts).

Hi, i purchased your apps. very nice. but i would like to ask whether can i make the words undo if i put the wrong words setup. Currently i need to fill up every words to make the words undo by itself. Can it be done by each words to undo ?

No, you must make all different sized icons, as the project is, otherwise it won’t work, that’s why we’ve made all the necessary icons. Please take some time to read Apple documentation too, so you’ll get more into iOS development:

Hi thank you, may i ask you how to change the base colour of the interface as the one I attached ? The red like orange base colour

It’s the background color of the main View, select that background and use the inspector panel on the right side of the Xcode window:

hi, how can i add my simulator as test device so as to show admob test ads ?

thanks anyway got it :

request.testDevices = [ kGADSimulatorID ];

yep, great

Another question Please, how to get more time for gameover, i mean give about 20 secondes to player to get the right word ?

You’re welcome

hi is there a way to get more than 3 words in line in the WordsList.plist? there is some words that have more than 3 combination which part of the code i have to change please ?

Hi, no it’s not possible, the app can support 3 words max.

Does it support Arabic language ? if not can I add it from code ?

no, sorry, we’re not experienced with Arabic language

Hi, does this app uses SpriteKit?

no, pure UIKit

Hi, do you take freelance job and can customize this app? graphics not problem for me, thanks.

hi, for customization requests please contact me by my profile’s contact form and tell me in details what you need, so i’ll get back to you asap with a quotation. Thanks.

Hello, is the Portuguese language included?

no, you will have to add it on your own, the User Guide included in the package explains how to do that

Hi, is in-app purchase template included?

No In-App purchase implemented in this game

can you add more level?

Yes, we can do it.

can i do it myself?

Yes, if you have some iOS developer skills , can buy a 10$ online course on anytime ;)

Hello, great game! I consider purchasing it. Do you have or intend to implement Admob Reward ads with coins for extra help? This could boost ad earnings for developers.

This can be done.

That means that you will release an update soon?

I can help you do it ;)


Can you handle the publication of the apps on the apps store ios ?

No, we don’t do this service sorry ;)

Hello, Few Questions:

Is there any In-App Purchases included on this game?

For the words, is using a single file?

Can I use Spanish words?

Can I change the time value to guess the word?

Can I change the extra time value after guess a word?

How many levels?

Hi heman, Their is no in-app purchase implemented in the app. Yes the words are coming from single file. Yes You can easily add Spanish words in the file. Yes you can easily update the timer again and again when the letter has correctly guessed. No levels yet, It all depends upon timer , when timer ends then the level will automatically be ended. ;)

One more question, It works fine on Iphone X, Iphone xPlus and Iphone 11?

Yes updated the app just now, try to buy it and start the work on it ;)