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Hi, Even if we win or loose, we can’t see the last letter, how can I do (just 1sec more). And is it possible to add every game over a full screen ad ? Thank you NICE GAME

Hi, since this is a game where you have to rush, adding 1 more sec may affect its gameplay.
If you want interstital ads you may contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you with a quotation asap.

Thank you so much !

If I comment out iAd initializing method, admob also doesnt shows.What is the shake to reset message at top of the game scene.Does it do anything?Shaking not works. :)

Do you mean that if you shake your device, the game doesn’t reset the letters, which means that it puts the letters you’ve previously selected back to their original position?
We’ll write a tutorial on how to remove iAd code and leave AdMob working and viceversa asap and post its link to its Support section.

Here’s a video for you:



I tried submitting to app store but got rejected twice because it stated that your app uses ios advertising identifier but does not include ad functionality.

I have added the admob code, and for the iad, how do i make it work or how do i remove it?


Check this video to see how to remove iAd or AdMob code:

Thanks a lot for the help! The app has been successfully uploaded to the app store! Will continue to purchase more of your quality games.

You’re welcome, and don’t forget to rate FIVES on your Downloads page if you like it ;)

Hi, Will you release an IOS9 version soon ? Thank you

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And when please ?

When iOS 9 will be available as official update for everybody, not just developers. Beta iOS is always buggy, our policy is to wait for final releases of iOS and XCode, so it may be this Fall.

If you press a wrong letter mistakenly then you cannot put it back…. This is a missing functionality… Are you going to fix it?

You can shake your device to put all letters back to the center, have you tried it?

Hi, is there a website that generate a list of word for this type of games ? Thank you

Sorry, your question is not clear. You must create arrays of words into the .plist file as exaplined in the User Guide.pdf file

Yes but during a game it is possible having the same word and i won’t. So do i need to write a code that put used words in a plist ? Thank for the support

You would have to build some code that stores words already appeared in the round into an NSMutableArray, and empties such Array once the rounds ends, plus some code that lets the app avoid used words in the same round, something a bit complex if you’re not an experienced developer.

I want to work the game by Arabic language How can I make TobLabel starts from right to left ??

Hi, you may do that by editing tapsCount values:
1. in resetWord() methid, change it into

tapsCount = 5
2. in viewDidLoad(), change it into
tapsCount = 5
3. in letterButtTapped(), change it into
if tapsCount == 0 {
and also change tapsCount++ into tapsCount—
It may work, we are not able to test Arabic language since we don’t know such language, but the solution provided above will make you able to show letters from right to left side after tapping the letter buttons.

Can you buy the regular license and then just upgrade it if you decide to sell the product?

Also, can you make different plists of words for different levels?

Hi, in case you want to buy an Extended License later, you will have to contact us by our profile’s contact form.
FIVES doesn’t have levels, so you first should work out some custom complex code to make levels, then yes, you may create all the .plist files you want, just write the necessary code to have the app read the ones you need.

Thanks, I will try the level on the regular license and only upgrade if I can get them to work.

You’re welcome, have fun with FIVES

hey how do you add levels?

Fives doesn’t have levels, it’s an an endless game, cannot add levels. Cheers!

Can I make it as 4 letters ? and does it support UTF-8 characters ?

Hi, if you’re an experienced developer you can make it work with 4 letter. Yes, it supports UTF-8 chars.

How to update new letters ? any JSON/XML file ? or just need to update on code directly ?

Hi, you can insert new words in a .plist file within the app, super easy. The User Guide in the package explains how to do so.

Hi .. i have problem just start app i want see first app after edit what can i do ?


Hi, what version of XCode are you using? You must open FIVES with XCode 6.3 or 6.4

ok ,, thanks now play

Perfect! Don’t forget to rate it on your Downloads page ;)

Hi is it possible to use non-latin languages in the game?

Hi, we don’t know chinese and Arabic languages, for example, so we don’t kbnow if such languages have single characters. This game specifically works with single characters, so if your language meets such criteria, you can use it.

Yes my langugage has only single characters. but I wonder that do I need to change the file format of xcode files? or do I need to change any setting to use my own language?

Ok great, the User Guide included in the app’s package shows how to setup extra languages in the XCode project.

Hi, I added a language and I would like to know if it’s possible to add a list of words at once or if we have to add them one by one? Nice job btw! ;) Cheers

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.
You will have to add each word manually into the dedicated .plist file in the XCode project.


I want to do a bilingual apps and I understand that the user primary device language will be detected automatically, right? Let’s say that the app is available in English and French. Is it possible to have the Facebook and Twitter sharing message in both languages? I mean, if user’s device language is French, message will be in French and if the device language is English, the message will be in English. Can I do it?

Hope you understand this one! ;)

All right, you can simply change the bkg color of the letters by selecting them on the Stocryboard and using the Attributes Panel on the right column of XCode, as shown here:


GREAT! I tried hard to find the solutions myself, I think it is a good way to learn but I was really stuck! Your support is awesome. As soon as I will have finished to build this app, I will buy another one from you! Sorry, I will bother you again! :D


Ok, great! Good luck with sales ;)

Hello I have downloaded the project but there are errors because of the new Xcode update.

1) KYCircularProgess – Cannot force unwrap value of non-optional type ‘CGColor’ 2) HomeVC – Value of optional type ‘NSURL?’ not unwrapped; did you mean to use ’!’ or ’?’? 3) GameOverVC – Immutable value ‘isReady’ was never used; consider replacing with ’_’ or removing it Value of optional type ‘NSURL?’ not unwrapped; did you mean to use ’!’ or ’?’? 4) GameBoard – Value of optional type ‘NSURL?’ not unwrapped; did you mean to use ’!’ or ’?’?

There are least 2-4 of the same errors in the .swift files mentioned above, but on different lines of code. I am unsure on how to attach a screenshot. Please help!

Check this out:
Remember to first remove XCode 7, move it to Trash and empty it before installing XCode 6.4

So I uninstalled Xcode 7, installed Xcode 6.4, but get 5 errors. How can i upload screenshot here?

Hi, Envato just approved our update to XCode 7, it was fast :)
so now you can go back to xc 7 and download Fives update from your Downloads page!

Overall really good code. I refactored the sound playing into a single utility method, and added a sound button to allow play without sound. I also added a print utility so that print would not appear in production.

good job, don’t forget to rate this app on your Downloads page if you haven’t done it yet ;)

I replaced the check for correct word with: This checks for a valid dictionary word, so your list of possibles in the word list does not have to contain all the possible words, and users still get credit for correct words.

func checkResult() {
    let checker = UITextChecker()
    let textLength = wordByCharacters.lengthOfBytesUsingEncoding(NSUTF8StringEncoding)
    let checkRange:NSRange = NSMakeRange(0, textLength)
    let range = checker.rangeOfMisspelledWordInString(wordByCharacters, range: checkRange, startingAt: checkRange.location, wrap: false, language: "en_Us")
if range.location == NSNotFound {
    // Play a sound
    soundName = "rightWord" 
} else { // WORD IS WRONG
    wordByCharacters = "" 
// Play a sound
soundName = "resetWord" 

ERROR ITMS-9035: Unexpected CFBundleExecutable Key. The Bungle at ‘Payload/’ does not contain a bundle executable. If this bundle intentionally does not contain an executable, consider removing the CFBundleExecutable key from its info.plist and using a CFBundlePackageType of BNDL. If this bundle is part of a third-party framework, consider contacting the developer of the framework for an update to address the issue I do not know how to fix this submission issue :/

My issues is .app/StartApp.bundle

Hi, what’s that HokeySDKResources.bundle? Such file doesn’t exist in our original app, so we don’t know how to help you and why you get such error, we can support issues related to the original code.

Hi when i test the app on my iphone, when i hit share, for send by email, the application close (crash) any idea? Thanks

Hi, have you setup a valid mail account into Settings->Mail & Contacts in your iPhone?

Hi, yes its setup, working fine at the fist screen before i play the game, but after, when i see the scose of teh game, if i try to share, it’s close the app

Have no clue about it, it works fone on our real devices. Does it happen on the Simulator? If that’s yes, there’s a bug on XCode 7’s simulator on Mail controller, it crashes.
Instead, if it happens to a real device, please copy the console log in XCode and contact us by our profile’s contact form by pasting such error log so we may address the issue.

the game does not work with the local language. it may well change the language, but it will only fetch words from the English glossary. tried German and Italian, and here is the error too.

I downloaded the latest version of the game from the code canyon today. This error came after IOS9

yes before IOS 9, work the app fine, with all language, but aften IOS9 the app only load word fra “en” wordlist. My local language is Danish da. I have try to solved the problem, but as default (I have not change) in info.plist a “Localization native development region” = “en”, now you say I have to change it to United States to solved the problem, How? are it “us”? (I have try “us” and it don´t work for me)

We have to check it out, today we’re away so we’ll check it out tomorrow.

Hi, we’ve just launched an update with a working code to get languages by lowercase strings again, it should be available tomorrow. Cheers!