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Hi, Good luck on your sales!

Where to add/delete words? Are the words Listed Arrays? or downloaded from web? Is there a limitation on the words? How many words could it be? Can it be over 4000 words. Can we increase or decrease the words? Like make it 4 or 6 letters.

Hi, there’s no limit to the 5-letter words you can add, besides the dictionary :)
Words are stored into a .plist file, very easy to edit on XCode.
If you want to make 4 or 6-letter words you will have to edit some code in the project since it’s built specifically for 5-letter words.

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do you get extra time for each correct word?

the order you set the 5-letter words

you can set a maximum of 3 words/row in the plist file, separated by a dot (.)
The app reads the 1st one but if you match one of those 3 words you win the round.

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how to showing random word (item)? 1st word(item) is same i open the game, i have opened five time but 1st word(item) still same?

Ok, thanks for pointing it out, we’ll check it out and if we’ll find an issue on random generator, we’ll fix it and send an update here on codecanyon.

All right, issue solved, we’ll launch an update right away, anyway you can fix it by replacing the first line of code in getRandomWord() method with this one:
    let randomWord = Int(arc4random() % UInt32(words!.count) )

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Nice code! Do you have a version running on xcode 6.2?I’m still on 6.2 and OS 10.9.5 and don’t want to update to OS10.10 to be able to install xcode 6.3. Thanks

Forget it, I managed to run it on xcode 6.2

All right. Anyway, XCode 6.3 is better, but we’re glad you’ve managed for its earlier version too. Cheers!

Hi there, if you like FIVES, please take a couple of seconds to rate it on your Donwloads page, we’ll really appreciate it ;)

I just bought the item to change it to my own language, Turkish. But when I add the “tr” , Xcode won’t add Localizable.string by itself. Any suggestion?

reply sent, thanks

Thank you very much. Really appreciate the support. *

You’re welcome, don’t forget to rate FIVES on your Downloads page ;)

Hi, I just bought the code an is awesome, congrats!!!

I have a few doubts:

1)it works great on iPad but the images, labels and buttons doesn’t resize, so they look small in the middle of the big screen. Can this be fixed and how?

2)it is possible to add another section to the words.plist (let’s say words2) and add a second play button, then if you press play1 use the section words and if you press play2 use the section words2. Would this be to hard?


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I just did :)

One more question, How do I change the color for the circular progres bar??

Thanks! You ave to edit the Hex values that start with “0x” in the circular setup method. Replace the values next to 0x with your favorite color, you can use Photoshop’s color picker to get hex code for it, or just browse the web. Cheers!

Hi, there is something strange. Sometimes with four or more possible words, the game doesn’t mark as correct a word, it always show the same combination of letters. Can you test it please?

That’s wired, FIVES deployment target is 7.0 and it works fine on our devices. We’ll check it out soon

I solved it, I got an error on archive because your project has a wrong parameter for <Swift Compiler Optimization Level>. Please see this for solution:

All right, great!

can i change language (for Japanese)

1. They must change device language if they want to play with a specific dictionary of words (e.g. you want English users to play Japanase, they must go into Settings and change their device language). So you may add a Label in the home screen that says something like “Change your device language in Settings if you want to play a different language”.
2. Shake gesture works, to test it out just run FIVES on the Simulator and click Hardware->Shake Gesture.

oh i got it i’ll try it thankyou

You’re welcome! And don’t forget to rate FIVES on your Downloads page, if you like it, we’ll really appreciate it. Cheers!

i cannot build this app, i get 4 errors, Swift compiler errors you need to check this and update

i use xcode vers 6.1.1 i just downloaded and change my bundle cannot preview or port to device, just get these errors

Hi, yes that’s because you’re using an old version of XCode, FIVES in an XCode 6.3 project, update XCode and you’ll be able to run the app. Cheers!

yes works fine now

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from last 5 days i am struggling to add, admob banner n fullscreen, revmob, chartboost and startapp and in-app to remove ads. but not getting anything where to make changes . Please help me out.

Hi, you’re asking so many things, it’s not possible to explain them by comments, anyway Chartboost doesn’t work properly on Swift apps yet, RevMob has issues as well lately, so it’s better you keep iAd and AdMob banners in FIVES. Plus, if you ass full screen ads, the app won’t pause so the player will lose the game and you’ll lose users, FIVES works great only with ad Banners, the way the template is.
If you need IAP to remove ad banners, that’s an extra customization so please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap.

Excellent code. No bugs, perfect design. Congratulations. I am going to rate it with 5 stars but i can not see where i have to do it. Where is the rate button here in codecanyon? :)

And one suggestion: It would be perfect if you add two buttons on main screen. One for rate the game in Appstore and another to show more games with chartboost.


The shake motion resets the letters of a current word, just in case you tapped a wrong letter and want to reset the sequence. Cheers!

Ahhh, ok!! Thanks! I have rated with 5 stars.

thanks so much, we appreciate it!

Hi. Admob banner is not showing after app was release on App Store. It was fine when I tested it before release. Any possible reasons for this? Great app btw. Thanks.

Hi, Apple gives priority to its banners, and when iAd network is not available, AdMob banners show up. You also have to link your app to your unit ID in Cheers and thanks for your nice feedback, don’t forget to rate FIVES on your Downloads page ;)

It started showing up. Next update can you add the banner on home screen as well? Thanks. Rated 5 stars already.

Good. you can try put banners on the home screen on your own, grab the code from GameBoard.swift file that is relative to iAd and AdMob and paste it in the home screen file. Cheers!

Hi, I am pretty much interested in buying this template. I have few questions. How easy it is to add support for 4 and 6 letters too in the same game? I want to give an option like: Level1: 4 letter, Level2: 5 and Level3: 6 Letters. Is that easily achievable without coding or requires fair amount of coding?

How much would you cost for that customization? If i purchase an extended license, i will get 30% off on Pixl Pro but it is no where listed here. What is it’s price and what features it offers?

Please let me know these queries.


Do you offer special discounts if i purchase more templates from you? I saw your portfolio and i am highly impressed by the apps listed. I am planning to purchase 5 to 6 apps. What discount can you provide? I am ready to purchase them from you outside this platform too.


Hi, it’s not easy to add 4 and 6 letter modes to this template, unless you are an experienced developer. For customization requests or other inquiries please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you asap. Cheers!

what are the steps from purchase to upload to app store?

this app is written in Swift so it works best with iaad and AdMob only at the present. Cheers!

how do i include iad? ive done the code replacement for admob.

Well, iAd and AdMob are already implemented in FIVES, so we don’t know what you’ve exactly done with AdMob, just use the original template which shows both ads. Cheers!

Hello, very nice code and graphics ! My question is: how can I change the number of words 5->6 ? And where is the junk of code that put axis (x,y) of the KYCircular position (it doesn’t start at 0,0) ?

Thank you :)

Hi, thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it.
If you’re an experienced developer you can change 5-word system to 6 or any other one, you’ll have to edit some part of the code though.
In the setupCircularProcess() methos, you can find this line = CGPointMake(buttonsContainerView.frame.size.width/2, buttonsContainerView.frame.size.height/2)
That puts the circ. prog. in the center of the screen. If you want to change its position try using CGRectMake() option or play with the 2 values of the center option

I really appreciate that you answered very quickly, thank you so much.

You’re welcome! Don’t forget to rate the template on your Downloads page, we’ll really appreciate your support ;)

Nice game but I have issues with Vietnamese. I added some Vietnamese words such as: CHI?N, ÁKH?U, TI?NG, NG??I, V??NG The circles can not display full every letter. Also, the font was broken. How can I fix it?

Well, you should create a count Int variable and some code to keep tracking the game overs, then an if statement that sends a GADRequest everytime that Int gets to 15

Could you send me the code for admob interstitial for every x game over times? I’ll pay more if you want to charge

For customization requests please contact us by our profile’s contact form and we’ll get back to you with a quotation asap.

The Facebook post function have an error. The string message “I’ve made …” can not show. This feature for twitter is ok. Can you fix it?

Hi, yes we’ve noticed that but unfortunately it’s an XCode bug, we cannot fix it, we hope Apple will fix it out with a next XCode release.

I saw another game of your, Mad Colours: This game can post to facebook smoothly, so why cannot for this game?

That video has been taken with XCode 6.1. If you run Mad Colours on XCode 6.3 the Facebook sharing result message will be the same as FIVES. Cheers!

Another question, do you have an Android version for this game?

Hi, check this out:
So if need to publish your app twice, you may buy another Regular License from us, as far as you will publish your app as a Free app on the App Store. You may contact us by our profile’s contact form to get another License.

Is it ok if I upload to Apple Store with the name FIVES? Is there any legal problem?

No problem, you can do that, just make sure that Fives doesn’t exists already, otherwise just put a title like “Fives – unscramble 5-letter words bla bla”

There is one leaderboard setting here. So how can I add separate leaderboard for each language?

Ok, got it, we’ll see what we can do on a next update. Thanks!

When will you update this feature?

Don’t know yet, probably in a couple of week, we’re super busy dealing with urgent stuff lately.

I want to show Admob banner first. If admob is not available, it will show iAd. How can I do that?

Hi, you can’t do that since iAd has always the priority on Apple devices, so the code for ads must remain the way it is.