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Very addictive game! :)


we test on several kinds of mobiles,no problems. Please download it again. Thanks.

Does it support admob?

Yes, It support. You can download the demo APK for a test.

Thanks, do I need adobe air software to make changes in app? Is it free to download?

Yes, you need. And it’s free to download.

Hi, The purchase only has .apk file? Not .fla source file?

Yes.it have source files.Thanks.

i can not download the apk, it always break when reach 1.6M, pls check the demo apk

There is no problems.If you want to test it, I can send a mail to you for the demo apk.

Which programs exactly are necessary for reskinning? Does the package includes any explanation document?

You need Flash CC to do the reskin work. Thanks.

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

Yes, it is source and app, it is chage service for reskin.

Hi, The demo run well, but when we have exported the project to .apk file and tested it on 2 devices, it got hang after 5-6 moves. We are not sure what goes wrong. Could you please test the project again? Thanks.

I have test again, not like what you said, and other customer didn’t find it before. Is that some build issues?

Does not contain useful documentation with steps how to reskin it. Document basically contains only description of app…. complete mess….

It’s a flash version game, just need reskin the graphic in fla file.