Fist - 5 Special PlugIns for SEO, Hosting and Web Developer Companies

Fist - 5 Special PlugIns for SEO, Hosting and Web Developer Companies

You can create special pages in your WordPress website offering these services to people:

  • .htaccess Generator
  • Robots Generator
  • Meta Tag Generator
  • Redirect Generator
    • Directory to Directory Redirect
    • Domain to Domain Redirect
    • Page to Page Redirect
    • Redirect to www
  • Responsive Page Test


  • SEO Service Provider
  • Hosting Service Provider
  • Web Development Service Provider
  • anyone else, who wants to earn money showing ad beside “services”


  • Professionalism ! Create a high value of your company services with the the help of these special pages. It will definitely attract people.
  • SEO !! Yes, some people search internet to create Meta Tag or or to create .htaccess etc. So, if you create special pages, it will drive more visitors to your website.


Why special ?

  • These 5 PlugIns are not dependent to any third-party websites; all these PlugIns are completely independent
  • The PlugIn will automatically match with your Theme’s color, font, style. Visitor will think it as the part of your theme. If you use this PlugIn in different themes, you will feel the change
  • Mobile Responsive, fits container width
  • The PlugIn takes very low space in hosting
  • No coding knowledge or expertise required! You will not have to use any short-code or to edit settings. After activation of the PlugIn, Simply start editing any existing or new page using Page Builder, then add this PlugIn inside page. Save and see output!



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