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Nice Game! How many levels are there? Do you have wrong fishes in the game?

Endless levels,Some strange aquatic animals in it

hi Nice Game, I want to find out how does buying a game work, are we allowed to publish it to the store as a free game?

yes,you can publish it to ios or anroid windows phone website and more,easy add admob.

Hello, I need top 10 score board with this game, how does it cost & time ?

hi,the top 10 score is all online player? or player self?

shortly, I need every user want to play to register at first then play, and there is a simple admin who show me the top 10 players everyday , and that’s all

hi,this related the server code,i didn’t do it before,I’m sorry, also don’t know how to do

Looking good, glws :)

thank you foxfin~:)

And you pixel game is amazing!!!

Hi, I want to buy this code. Looks good. Where are the admit ads? Thanks Ofer

I mean the Admob ads :)

hi,open the source file(construct2 file),click the admob object,and change the banner id.

hey so can we edit the kind of fish?

yes .


How can I change fish’s scores? for example 10 points ti 50 points?


Hi, I could not find bro!

hi you can send the screenshort to my email,snow.gd@hotmail.com

pls check your mail

Hi, it looks good. If I put it as a free mobile app, maybe changed some fish, maybe change nothing, should I buy a regular license or extended license?

hi just regular license


The game become slow in the phone browser, can you fix it ?


hi in zip have a phone version,please use it!

after tried still same, can you provide another file?

hi, are the images customizable in this fishing game?